Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

eBay: Rare 50p coin selling for eye-watering £1million – check NOW and see if you have one

50p coins come in a selection of designs, and many of them are rare and highly sought after.

Now one of the most unusual is selling on eBay for a whopping £1,000,000.

The Offside Rule coin is being offered for sale by ‘gigbevgig’, and it is certainly popular, with two views an hour on the listing.

Writing about the coin, the seller said: “Rare Off Side Rules 50p Coin. Used.”

The coin explains the offside rule with a simple drawing and was designed by Neil Wolfson.

Released in 2012 to honour the London Olympic Games, there was some controversy at the time over whether the coin accurately explained the rule.

Explaining his thinking behind the design, Neil said: “The coin simply states that the player is ‘offside’ – which is true, irrespective of whether or not an ‘offside offence’ results from this scenario.

“Furthermore, there are clearly space limitations on the coinface so it was obviously impossible to go into the finer details of the offside rule.

“But for those who don’t understand offside, it’s not a bad starting point (with further explanation) – and the coin seems to amuse those who do appreciate the offside rule.”

Royal Mint launched a competition inviting the British public to design a series of 29 new 50p coins to honour the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Started in January 2009, they received over 30,000 applications from across the UK.

Each of the coins was minted in different numbers, and collectors often wish to finish a set.

London 2012 Olympics commemerative coins are not the only type selling for a fortune on eBay – a Girl Guides 50p is also proving popular.

A Girl Guides 50p is being sold by user ‘annit-uk2014’ on the site.

Writing about the coin, the seller said: “Rare 50pence coin celebrating ‘100 years of girl guiding uk’. 2010 coin. Good condition.”

Interested buyers can purchase the coin on a Buy It Now basis for £150, or auction from £100.

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