Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

How to orgasm: THIS many women fake it between the sheets…but what you can do to help

The 31st July marks National Orgasm Day, so if there ever was an excuse to get down and dirty under the sheets it’s now. 

But sex toy retailer Ann Summers surveyed 3,000 people and found that three quarters of women have faked an orgasm, with only 19 per cent achieving one every time. 

As for men, a quarter of men have faked one, with 58 per cent having an orgasm every time they have sex. 

Out of the men who admitted to faking it between the sheets, a whopping 93 per cent said they had faked it more than once. 

The survey also found 40 per cent of men admit the main reason they pretend to climax is to ‘avoid hurting their partner’s feelings’, with 35 per cent being simple ‘too tired’ to fully let go. 

Eve Fifer, Ann Summers’ in-house expert and Head of Sex Toys, said: “It’s shocking to see how many people still fake orgasms and we need to discourage this if we want our sex lives to improve. 

“Life does get busy at times, with our minds elsewhere and it’s a challenge trying to achieve a work life balance. 

“We need to make sure we’re making time for one another, even spicing things up a bit to ensure both parties benefit from sometime between the sheets.” 

It’s never good for anyone to fake it, especially on National Orgasm Day. 

But Ann Summers has a range of sex toys available on its website perfect for couples looking to inject a bit of energy into their sex lives. 

In a scientific study from the paper ‘Determinants of Female Sexual Orgasms’ women ranked what aspects of sex help them climax during the act

The study found: “What further increases the sexual arousal of women are specific factors related to the behaviours of their partners.”

Focusing specifically on the sex lives of heterosexual women, it found the five following answers were the most popular.

Number one was “he keeps caressing you during the intercourse”, which 47.3 per cent of women found helped them climax.

“He caresses your clitoris during intercourse”, was chosen by 45 per cent of women

Talking during sex helped a number of women to orgasm, with “he says erotic words” chosen by 39 per cent of women.

Having oral sex before coitus helped 35.6 per cent of women to climax during sex, while for 29.6 per cent being kissed in a specific place helped. 

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