Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Martin Lewis: How to claim THIS fee back from your bank (…it's easier than you think!)

Packaged bank accounts are common on the high street and can include mobile phone and travel insurance.

Some customers also find they get better rates on loans and better savings accounts thanks to holding a packaged, fee-paying account. 

However, banks should be making customers aware the account is a choice – and make it clear a fee will be charged and what that fee is.

The bank also needs to ensure this type of account is appropriate for the customer, if it’s not the customer has a right to their money back.

Martin Lewis, 45, advised Britons who were mis-sold packaged bank accounts so now they can reclaim their money.

A number of people have been mis-sold these accounts, although for some they are preferable. 

They work by charging a monthly fee for extras such as insurance. 

However, some people will not find these useful and they are due reimbursement.

Martin said, on ITV’s This Morning earlier this month: “Many people were mis-sold these accounts and should close them and get money back.”

He added: “They’re loved by some, detested by others. They work where you pay a monthly fee for extras.

“In truth you’re far better thinking of them as insurance deal with a bank account attached.

“The way to evaluate this is by working out what insurance you would be buying anyway and see if you can get it via one of these accounts cheaper – if so they’re great.”

Martin directed viewers to, where they could find more details about how to claim money back.

Martin recently revealed how to get the cheapest deals on gas and electricity.

With many Britons struggling to make ends meet, this tactic to tackle your bills could save you money every month.

The financial journalist recommended haggling with your energy company to get a better deal.

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