Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

North Korea nuclear weapons not linked to US-China trade deals

Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Qian Keming, asked about ‘s tweets at a news conference in Beijing, said there was no link between North Korea and China- trade. 

“We think the North Korea nuclear issue and China-US trade are issues that are in two completely different domains. They aren’t related. They should not be discussed together,” Mr Qian said. 

“China will continue to work together with the international community to promote the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, and China is also willing to work with the US side for more balanced development of the bilateral trade relationship,” he added. 

China has repeatedly said it is not Beijing’s responsibility to resolve the North Korean issue, and that Washington and Pyongyang both need to take steps to calm tensions and address each others concerns. 

China says it fully enforces UN resolutions against North Korea, and has condemned unilateral US sanctions on Chinese companies as unhelpful. 

The United States and China failed earlier this month to agree on major new steps to reduce the US trade deficit with China, casting doubt over Trump’s economic and security relations with Beijing. 

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