Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Preacher: "Backdoors" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, but it really doesn’t feel like Preacher has benefited at all from the larger episode count in Season 2. The series can’t seem to deliver more than two great episodes in a row before its falls victim to poor pacing and loses its sense of focus. That case struck yet again with “Backdoors,” an episode that featured some strong elements but did little to advance the season’s often sluggish narrative momentum.

Season 2 has generally been at its weakest whenever the focus shifts to Eugene and the Hell subplot. So it was pretty much inevitable that this episode would suffer now that Eugene is back in the spotlight. The Hell setting has by now lost all its novelty, and even Eugene’s unlikely friendship with Hitler feels stale. The fact that so much time was spent rehashing and expanding on Hitler’s personal nightmare room didn’t exactly help. I only care about Eugene’s struggle inasmuch as I want to know what happens when he inevitably escapes and returns to hold Jesse to account. And at the rate things are going, that showdown doesn’t seem likely until Season 3.

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