Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Sex after marriage is BETTER than before – and this is why

While many people believe sex lives worsen after you get married, psychotherapists disagree. 

After the honeymoon period is over many people believe sex life diminishes. 

But relationship expert Esther Perel says tying the knot can take sex with your partner to a whole new level as it’s when you know your partner best. 

Speaking to Well And Good, she said: “It doesn’t end when you take your vows, this is when your story starts.” 

While it may seem like you’ve lost the lust and spontaneity you had in the early stages of your relationship, Esther said it’s important to move on from this feeling. 

Rather than “rekindling the flame”, couples should aim for a sex life which “demands focus and attention”. 

She said: “Once you take ownership, then you begin to create a valuable connection.”

So sex and marriage appear to go hand in hand, and other experts claim to have worked out the perfect number of times to have sex a month to keep the love alive

Having sex 8.35 times per month is the key to a successful marriage, according to a recent study.

Research consulted 2,000 UK adults about exactly how much sex they felt contributed to the perfect marriage.

Apparently just over twice a week is the perfect amount of sex for happy Britons. 

That, coupled along with going on 3.8 dates a per month, is key to a successful marriage.

The survey carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card service, found 76 per cent of those surveyed believe it is healthy for happily married couples to argue.

Those living in Northern Ireland’s capital Belfast expect the most sex from their marriage.

They believe couples should have sex 10.26 times per month but argue 5.48 times per month.

Sheffield residents have the most romantic expectations of married life, proposing sex 9.62 times and 5.08 dates per month will result in ‘happily ever after’. 

It was recently revealed that women reach their sexual peak earlier than men

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