Published On: Sat, Aug 26th, 2017

Star Wars 8 leaks: FOUR lines revealed from final scene with Rey, Kylo Ren and SNOKE?

You don’t need Jedi mind tricks to know that The Last Jedi is going to end on a whopping cliff-hanger.

The middle film of any trilogy needs to leave the audience gasping for the final instalment but everything is already pointing to the mirroring pattern between the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 4-6) and the latest three.

The Empire Strikes Back left audiences with two huge blows – the revelation of Luke’s true parentage and the cryogenic imprisoning of Han Solo.

New leaks from upcoming Star Wars merchandise just revealed that The Last Jedi could have something equally shocking in store.


The latest leaks tie in perfectly with the news from last week where we covered a new toy that was advertised on Amazon Spain.

This showed Snoke for the first time in his throne room. It also showed Rey battling her way through his Mega Star Destroyer, leading many fans to speculate that The Last Jedi might end with a spectacular showdown between the two characters.

A new toy gives a chilling indication of what is going to happen.

Star Wars Youtube channel The Stupendous Wave reported on four hugely tantalising audio lines spoken by some new toys and most likely attributed to Snoke or scenes involving the First Order leader and Kylo Ren.

1. ‘I have been expecting you.’

2. ‘The Resistance is doomed.’

3. ‘Crew members trapped, send the rescue team. Crush the intruders.’

4. ‘The prisoner is ready for your interrogation.’  

This all increasingly points not only towards Rey fighting her way onto Snoke’s Mega Star Destroyer, it also suggests she will end the film in even greater peril.  

Combined with the model showing Rey but not Kylo Ren or Luke, it looks like Rey and Kylo might both end up captured.

Even worse, it fits perfectly with a common belief that Rey is in great danger of being tempted by the leader of the Dark Side, like Anakin and Luke before her.

The Stupendous Wave adds: “This has lead many to speculate that Rey will be captured by Snoke at the end of the film, with Kylo with Luke and captured by the Resistance.

“This would help push Luke into the fight and lead perfectly into Episode 9 with Snoke attempting to seduce Rey to the Dark Side of the Force and Luke trying to pull Kylo back to the Light.”


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