Published On: Sun, Jul 30th, 2017

Star Wars SHOCK: Did Chewbacca LET Kylo Ren kill Han Solo? That is devastating

The dying of Han Solo will stay probably the most highly effective and iconic moments in all the Star Wars film franchise.

The favored hero was killed by his personal son as his lifelong finest buddy watched on in despair.

Even worse, Chewbacca totally didn’t take revenge after seeing Han Solo killed in entrance of his eyes.

Or did he?


Chewbacca lets out an enormous cry as Kylo Ren struck down his father however a brand new argument suggests he could have truly been celebrating the occasion and even helped it occur.

Followers have often struggled with the inexplicably horrible shot the Wookiee fires at Kylo. Chewbacca is a superb marksman and mustn’t have missed so badly. Except he by no means meant to kill the younger Sith and was merely masking his personal tracks?

Keep in mind, the Wookiee swore a life debt to Han Solo and can solely be freed if his human buddy dies.

Reddit consumer Prentle has presumably provide you with probably the most upsetting and controversial Star Wars concepts ever.

Prentle stated: “Chewbacca, reaching his latter years and uninterested in the journey and dangerous dwelling wished to convey an finish to the oath of serving a life debt to Han. Chewbacca let Han die understanding Kylo Ren wouldn’t change his methods and would full his path to the Darkish facet.

“Chewbacca had a transparent shot and would have been in a position not less than to ‘wing’ Kylo. Engaged on the speculation that Chewbacca watched Kylo develop up, Chewbacca was in all probability too emotionally connected to kill Kylo outright.”

“Chewbacca additionally would have had the chance to warn Han upfront and to speak him out of the confrontation. “The shot that Chewbacca did take was an deliberately low powered shot in order that every other witnesses would assume that Kylo’s power powers absorbed the shot not that Chewbacca took no motion.”

In some way, it’s unlikely that this concept will acquire a lot favour with diehard followers. Chewie’s devotion to Han Solo is taken as canon by most.

Most followers have additionally develop into resigned to the poor marksmanship of Stormtroopers when our heroes want to flee. Clearly Kylo Ren was wanted alive for the following motion pictures and thus Chewbacca abruptly didn’t hit his goal.

In secondary Star Wars materials there’s additionally loads of proof that Han truly tried to get CHewie to quiet down on his house planet of Kashyyyk when the Empire was overthrown.

Within the latest novel Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig, Han tells Chewie: “No. No! It’s important to keep right here (Kashyyyk). We fought like hell for this and now…that is yours. Okay? All yours. That is house. You bought individuals right here and I would like you to search out them. You hear me? That is my final demand. No arguments.”

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