Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

US fires THAAD missile test in retaliation at war-mongering North Korea

The move, conducted over the Pacific Ocean, comes after the hermit kingdom tested its second long-range intercontinental ballistic missile in a month on Friday, which proves it has the capacity to strike America’s mainland. 

The US has now successfully intercepted test targets 15 times for its THAAD weapon system, though the latest test involved a medium-range missile. 

Missile Defence Agency (MDA) director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves said it was part of an effort to “stay ahead of the evolving threat”. 

He said: “In addition to successfully intercepting the target, the data collected will allow MDA to enhance the THAAD weapon system, our modelling and simulation capabilities, and our ability to stay ahead of the evolving threat.” 

It comes after North Korea on Sunday said it will “respond with firm action” if the US continues sanctions and “military adventures”. 

On Saturday, the US Eighth Army and South Korean army personnel conducted a second combined training event to exercise assets. 

Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, commander of the Pacific Air Forces, said: “We have a responsibility to our allies and our nation to showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for the worst-case scenario.

“If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing.” 

But Pyongyang said Donald Trump’s nation said the US should regard its latest test as a “grave warning” after saying the “whole US mainland is within reach”. 

North Korea’s foreign military spokesman said: ”The US needs to stop with its delusion of trying to harm us, by clearly understanding the strategic status of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which soared up as the world’s nuclear and missile power, and our military and peoples’ strong will to revenge our enemies to destruction. 

“If the US continues to frantically cling on to the so-called ‘strong sanctions’ and military adventures against us, we will respond with firm action of justice that we had already made clear.” 

The THAAD missile was launched from Pacific Spaceport Complex in Alaska.

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