Published On: Sat, Jul 29th, 2017

WATCH: Bride reveals how not to throw a bouquet when THIS happens

In a clip uploaded to Imgur, the bride decided to throw her bouquet from the first floor of a house. 

No height in the throw would be required this way and it made for a nice picture on camera. 

The cameraman filming stood downstairs on the left of the eager bouquet catchers.

But unfortunately what the bride didn’t consider was her aim. 

Preparing for the throw, she appeared out on the balcony on the first floor and turned her back to the people waiting downstairs. 

On the count of three, she tossed her bouquet over her right shoulder and turned round quickly to see who would be lucky enough to catch it. 

But unfortunately the flowers flew in the wrong direction. 

Rather than landing in the arms of one of the people waiting to catch it, and landed straight on the cameraman. 

The cameraman grunts as it hits him smack in the face, and the girls waiting to catch the bouquet burst out laughing. 

The bride is also overcome with hysterics. 

Another bride demonstrated another way how not to throw a bouquet

In a video clip uploaded to YouTube, the bride was ready and raring to go for the toss and decided to warm up with a few knee bounces. 

All the wedding guests in the room were watching, ready for the momentous occasion, and a gaggle of women waited in anticipation to see who would be lucky enough to catch the bouquet. 

After gathering some momentum the bride threw the flowers over her shoulder – but she never could have predicted what happened next. 

The bouquet flew through the air at some speed and caught all the waiting women by surprise.

The blooms didn’t gain much height from the throw, and THIS ended up happening. 

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