Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

WATCH: Car nearly causes crash but suffers instant karma when THIS happens

In a short clip uploaded to Imgur, the white 4×4 can be seen waiting to pull out of a driveway.

A moped approaches along the empty road and doesn’t slow down, obviously assuming the car will wait for him to pass before pulling out.

But the assumption is incorrect, and the white car speeds out,turning left to drive around the moped.

But obviously having put his foot down to far, the driver of the 4×4 races past the moped and heads straight for a bush behind.

The car can then be seen hurtling down into a ditch.

Commenters had no sympathy for the impatient driver, and felt he got what he deserved.

One wrote: “As a motorcyclist, I wish I could cast this as a curse on some drivers… made me laugh.”

Another wrote: “I mean, WTF? Thanks for the laugh.”

The driver suffering instant karma after pulling out in front of a moped comes as another impatient driver got his comeuppance.

A video clip uploaded to image sharing site Imgur and taken on a car’s dash cam, shows two lanes of slow moving traffic. 

While the majority of drivers wait patiently for the queues to clear, those less patient try to take a shortcut. 

One driver decides to pull over into the hard shoulder to overtake the cars in front.

While they struggle to get back in the lane, the cars behind eventually decide to allow them entry.

Seeing the success the vehicle in front had overtaking, another driver decides to try their luck. 

But their sneaky manoeuvre doesn’t quite go to plan. 

They pull into the hard shoulder but realise the gap between another car and the edge of the road is too small as a road sign is in the way.

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