Published On: Thu, Feb 15th, 2018

Why workers are REALLY unhappy: More than half of UK employees dissatisfied

As many as 55.6 per cent are discontented in their current roles despite 92.7 per cent of employees believing that it is important to love what you do.

Despite their unhappiness though, 57.4 per cent agreed that quitting is not always the best solution, found the poll of 1,200 staff by jobs website CV-Library.

The grumbles include not being paid enough (38.9 per cent), no room for progression up the career ladder (32.6 per cent) and a poor company culture (30.8 per cent).

A poor work-life balance was cited by one in five and the boredom of an unchanging daily routine was complained about by 18.7 per cent of workers.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: “It’s worrying to learn that so many professionals are unhappy in their current roles.”

“Job satisfaction plays an important part of keeping staff motivated and productive. It’s clear that company culture, pay and progression are important to professionals.”

Interestingly, 53.1 per cent of the white collar workers surveyed believe they should try and improve their conditions before any resignations.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) would speak to their manager and 26.7 per cent would put themselves forward for new projects.

Mr Biggins added: “It’s great to see that professionals aren’t giving up without a fight, with many recognising that quitting is not always the answer.”


Not being paid enough – 38.9 per cent

No room for progression – 32.6 per cent

Poor company culture – 30.8 per cent

Poor work-life balance – 21.8 per cent

Boring daily routine – 18.7 per cent

Disliking the working hours – 15.3 per cent

Disliking the boss – 14.9 per cent

Having a long commute – 13.6 per cent

Disliking colleagues – 5 per cent

Issues in private life affecting work life – 4.8 per cent

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