Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

‘You’re talking TOSH!’ BRILLIANT moment Alastair Campbell is ROASTED by Brexiteer

The Tory MP tore into the former spin doctor for ‘talking tosh’ about the Irish border. 

Speaking on Channel 4 News, he said: “Alastair is talking complete nonsense.

“There was paper put out by the government in the summer, in real detail, on how you would handle the border and I repeat again – the most senior man on this, the man who runs HMRC -“

The Brexiteer was cut off by Mr Campbell who claimed that the report ‘wasn’t convincing and it wasn’t accepted.’

Mr Paterson fired back saying the HMRC would not be pressured by Remainers.  

He said: “Just let me answer the point, where you were talking tosh just now.

“HMRC have said very clearly that they are not fazed and they are relaxed under real pressure from Remainer MPs to say this is all going to be a nightmare as you’re saying and I just disagree with you.”

The former Northern Ireland Secretary said that the proposed deal, which included a separate deal for , was ‘damaging to the the Good Friday agreement. 

The deal would have meant Northern Ireland stayed part of the customs union and the single market in all but name while the rest of the UK left. 

He said: “Yesterday’s proposal, I don’t know how it got in the draft, was extremely damaging to the Belfast agreement which stated very clearly that Northern Ireland remains and is, an integral part of the United Kingdom until there should be a border poll. 

“There’s no chance of a border poll at the moment and therefore the same conditions, the same regulations should pertain in Northern Ireland as in any other part of the United Kingdom.” 

broke off negotiations with Jean-Claude Juncker after details of a proposed Irish border deal emerged in the press, prompting the Prime Minister to leave talks to contact DUP leader Arlene Foster.

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