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Marla, the teen girl, is at far greater risk than Andy.

40 year old virgin speed dating girl

Tired erection jokes happen, one involving a ridiculously long phone call. Some one-liners are major hits, including several involving an older Indian salesman Gerry Bednob. But a decisive statement about Andy can be made here. Most will view her character, wrongly, as a pitiful measuring stick for Andy. What will he do about it?

40 year old virgin speed dating

She is probably a lot more unflappable than she should be. Really, do people even do speed dating in ?

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The contrast is immediately obvious — Marla and Andy are there to receive healthy advice; the others are there to better fulfill sex fantasies. But she is more mature than she lets on, grasping for a reason to justify the abstinence she clings to. Andy has let slip information that is trouble in the wrong hands. Keener has certainly played deeper characters, probably all of them sensationally well.

40 year old virgin speed dating

An experience at speed-dating has a totally predictable outcome; it drags and fizzles, though not as mightily as a pointless confrontation between a black employee and black customer. Something about her frustration though sounds less directed at her mother than life itself. I was in high school when the film came out, yead it certainly was the movie of the summer with all of my friends.

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Two scenes put it into film royalty. Marla is a high school student in a single-parent household capable of getting in serious trouble.

Trish though is maximum payoff for a limited script investment. Andy is an adult who can afford to fool around, if he wants to, and survive a bad relationship.

40 year old virgin speed dating

The Year-Old Virgin could be minutes shorter. She never lets on that something is holding her back. In her past, one must think, is a very troubling divorce, small children involved, a home and hearts broken, possible lingering messiness with visitation, child support payments, etc. To compensate is a lame gag about dropping the TV and the padding in its box that unfortunately casts Andy as an incompetent.

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One of them has finally settled down with his own girlfriend, another has finally learned to move on, another might finally have found his own Ms. Moreover, she assumes Andy is already experienced and expects sex. Andy enters with no viewpoint on the subject of sex.

40 year old virgin speed dating

Give it a re-watch of your own and see what ten years has done for you. In the end he chose what was right for him, what mattered to him, and dismissed what did not.

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Maybe a bit controlling too, evidenced by her insistence Andy should grow up. Her visit with Andy to the teen-sex-advice group is remarkably warm. It shows sex in every angle, vvirgin is important for detaching the stigma around it.

As a certified I have the certificate scheduler and creature of habit, I would love to be able to have every minute of every day down. At one point Andy is compelled to approach a woman in a bookstore, but getting there requires a tedious journey with his employee Kal, hauling a TV set across a walkway while Kal dispenses a much longer series of advice than necessary.

The 40 year old virgin (date-a-palooza)

His friends are eager to find him the easiest, and least-fulfilling, version of sex, the kind they prefer. A useless argument ensues about whether an employee can stand outside and smoke while colleagues are having a conversation.

For some reason decent time is given to a birthday song at a Japanese restaurant. This scene could easily be overlooked by many directors as a necessary nuisance, i. In doing so, he vindicated an important lesson a mother was struggling to teach her daughter.

40 year old virgin speed dating

Smartly, Apatow and Carell create Andy as completely open-minded on this subject, an almost unfathomable clean slate. Andy is smart, and no doubt would have opinions on sex, liberal or conservative, forged by any of the above: seped parents, siblings, religious influences if anyfriends, and his lifelong interaction with females. The erection joke, repeated, seems silliest, though Apatow seems to like it the best.

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