Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Akon Says the 'Blacks for Trump' Guy is a Sellout, Just Like Other Republicans


‘Blacks for Trump’ Guy’s a Sellout

… Just Like the GOP

8/23/2017 2:20 PM PDT


Akon thinks the guy holding the “Blacks for Trump” sign at his Phoenix rally has sold himself — and the black community — out for a quick buck … not unlike the rest of the GOP.

We got the singer at LAX, and he gave us his 2 cents on Michael Symonette … the lone black dude behind Trump on Tuesday … and he thinks it’s a case of sell-your-soul … a game he also believes is being played by other Republicans to protect Trump.

It doesn’t sound like Akon knows about Symonette’s past — or his current political philosophies — and it’s interesting that he tries painting him as someone who only supports Trump for an alleged payoff. 

Still, he makes a good point about what the country is looking like these days — a state of affairs he usually sees outside our borders.

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