Published On: Sat, Aug 5th, 2017

Baggage at Nashville Airport Sprayed with Sewage Water

PHOTO: Nashville Airport Baggage Claim. (photo via Flickr/Grant Wickes)

Traveling can be a crappy venture, but it was worse for around 380 passengers Thursday when their luggage was sprayed with sewage-tainted water at Nashville International Airport.

According to, a Nashville airport spokesman revealed that a toilet in the women’s bathroom had overflowed at around 5 a.m. local time and the sewage water leaked down into a secure baggage handling area below.

Due to the leak, a total of 10 flights were delayed.

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority vice president of communications Tom Jurkovich said the luggage was cleaned and no passengers were exposed to the water. Officials were uncertain how contaminated the water was, but since it came from a toilet, the facility was extra cautious.

One of the passengers impacted by the leak, Kate Riley, said she was offered $100 per day for the trip by Southwest Airlines and was told she could claim restitution.

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“We appreciate our Nashville Employee’s efforts to contact our Customers, process the bags, and reunite our customers with their luggage,” a Southwest spokesperson told Fox News in a statement. “We estimate about 200 bags were potentially affected, and they were sanitized, and in some cases, replacement bags offered.”

Unfortunately for Nashville airport, this isn’t the first time the facility dealt with sewage water leaks, as a similar situation took place on June 1. In response, airport officials are looking into structural changes to the drainage system in the bathroom.

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