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Forget Brixton.

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It's easy to see the lure of the village. Michelle, UK In a small area of Barnes in south west London itself a desirable enough address the residents have taken to painting their Victorian terraced properties in a variety of pastel colours. Our restaurant menu features a wide variety of chef-inspired, homemade American Cuisine dishes.

London Transport zones And in Edinburgh, estate agent-speak includes the areas "Leith Walk corridor" and Dumbiedykes, which is being marketed as a slightly more desirable St Leonards.

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If all else fails, and redefining an unpromising area seems impossible, simple use of the epithet "up-and-coming" should satisfy. Rupert, Bristol Who wants to live in Poynton in the Greater Manchester borough of Stockport, when you could live in Poynton in wealthy, rural Cheshire? I take delight in correcting people when they give their addresses by saying - "You mean Littlemoor don't you!

Ranye idyllic, doesn't it? Charles Street. James, UK The 'village-isation' trick was used when Cantril Farm, an out of control, run down council estate on the outskirts of Rahge, became Stockbridge Village and had a facelift. How about Lowryville? Brandon, England In Cardiff, Splott - which dange to be quite a rough area but is now up-and-coming and quite nice really - has been re-pronounced Splo by some of its residents.

Manchester stabbing: co-op shop worker knifed during botched robbery in whalley range

And estate agents now call it Lower Roath. Sometimes when I meet new people I say I live in Chorlton when in fact I actually live just over the boundary in Stretford.

Houses that are most definitely within the Shoeburyness postal region quite frequently slip over the border to Thorpe Bay when their owners feel the need to elevate the asking price! Emma, England There are people in my town who are stuck up and insist that they live in Freshfield and thier county is Lancashire as they don't want to admit that they actually live in Merseyside!

Manchester policeman seriously injured in sword attack

But Middleville doesn't have quite the same ring. It is actually seven miles south of Chichester and less than half a mile west of Bognor! Needless to say, Reading did not gain city status and remains a town. Get quick answers from Fin's Sushi and Grill staff and past visitors. Martin Ternouth, UK I was most amused by local estate agents, selling high priced houses ading an industrial estate near Guildford, referring to the strip of grass between a service road and the main road, which the houses overlooked, as the "village green".

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Finish up with our Delicious Desserts. Soul Food Restaurant in DeLand. But the sheep would be ill if they ate the grass they have on those estates. I hate to be associated with the concrete cows and multitudes of roundabouts, so never put Milton Keynes on my mailing address. Stephen, UK Where I live in Woodford Bridge a new ish high price development advertises itself as being in Chigwell, yet the address is for Woodford Green a little less downmarket and it is actually in Woodford Bridge qhalley more downmarket.

And about half the east end is Mount Vernon, apparently. You can also expect a bunch of desserts like chocolate goat milk pudding and leche flan. It's also walkable from North Station Orange Line about 8 minutes. They have an extensive traditional Korean menu is and there is a lot of variety to choose from. Call Menu Info.

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Saxon settlers on the borders of the ruined Roman town of Londinium renamed it Lundenwic London Village. Philip, London This sort of thing has been going on for some years. Acorn Street. Ha Ha!

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Japanese … I have lived in Seoul for a while and have been studying Korean on and off for about a year; Sunho helped me advance … Seoul is the former Ma Soba, with a new name, the same owners, and a new cook. Border skirmish "You might live in Waltham Abbey in Essex," says Steve Wright, "but when it comes to selling your house, suddenly you're on the Hertfordshire borders. Seoul, Beacon Hill, Boston. I think only the people who live there use the 'new' name.

It has become Preston to the east and New Broadway to the west. Streatham in London has become to some St.

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