Beautiful girl at motley concert



Beautiful girl at motley concert

I think this is the last time I will see him play his guitar, the conccert time I will hear Vince scream, the last time I will see Nikki Sixx tell me how to be a Beautivul star, the last time I will see Tommy Lee drum with all of them together. If they are any indication, the new album is going to kick copious amounts of ass! Well, those of you who are into Savatage and TSO already know that he is an awesome guitarist.

Concert review: motley crue masters mohegan sun show

Weirdly, Cooper mtoley up an old crutch during his song in which he sings about being 18 and not knowing what he wants, which is mildly comic as he is so not 18 and everyone on my row looks about 48, so there you have it. When I saw them at The Woodlands, they did not have this setup — I was disappointed.

But not this time: They play a part of "O Fortuna" to get us ready for what is the most amazing drum solo I have ever seen in my life. Comments Motley Crue, then. You don't get all mad and anti-social because love is easy.

Beautiful girl at motley concert

It makes you feel wistful when you realize that you may never see the chance to see something again. Gas masks! It gave you a little hope that if you could ever transgress concedt quite that way, maybe you too could be having as much fun as Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. Some fans wore the dark concert shirts of past performances: the ature of the loyal fan. A guillotine!

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My brother Doug touches Tommy Lee's hand, just like I did when he walked by us at The Woodlands, and so we can both talk about how we touched Tommy Lee before it was all over. Feelgood", the list went condert an on. There was fire, explosions, giant blown up lips smoking a giant blown up cigar, trashcans, all of the excesses that the Crue is known for.

He is frustrated because he is a professional, but mottley all good: We are happy to be hearing all of them play for what may be the last time for us as this particular band. Mustaine commanded the mic like a pro albeit an egotistical one and the song perfectly set the tone for what motlsy to follow. When you leave, make people wish that you weren't, make it count, hold your head high, thank your fans, touch them on your way out.

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Just watch that episode of "Behind the Music" on them, and you know that mistakes were made, hearts broken. Skull belts!

Special mention has to go to fill-in drummer Samantha from Hole. He goes seamlessly from song to song, doing his trademarkhis hair flying, surprising us with a cover of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" punctuating his solo.

Motley crue red,white and crue tour guitar pick! tommy lee custom stage #1

We encourage rock music to keep going. I realize from this band, that has been through so much, but still stuck together, that there is a way to do this.

Beautiful girl at motley concert

It is a little Rocky Horror Picture Show, a lot of camp, and you realize that Alice Cooper is a lot like McDonald's: He delivers the same thing consistently every time you order. Who would have guessed, inthat Motley Crue would be the band that has so much to teach us about sticking it out, sticking together, making something last?

The best part is the end where he sings "School's Out for Summer! You want a rock concert, not a tea party, amiright? They are not pretending to have a good time: They are, and so are we, and it is magic. Nikki Sixx has so much makeup on I think for a minute of KISS — but it's all good because they are rocking out, and instead of winding down they are winding it up, and you feel like they really want to be there, rocking out, with the adorable dancing girls, the lights and the smoke, and you realize how they could do gitl so many years.

But is it a bittersweet thing, as this band did the unthinkable: They were able to carry the '80s and '90s all the way intoand that is saying something. My guess is that 6, fans did too. But what really got my attention was his younger blonde guitarist, who was rocking out like she had done this her entire life.

On the screen I can see Beajtiful Lee's head and his tank top covering the intricate tattoos that spread over his shoulders. Man, was the crowd ever ready for the Crue.

Sometimes something is over, and you have to walk away. That is rock and roll, and it is art.

Motley crue red,white and crue tour guitar pick! tommy lee custom stage #1

Dave, you're a great musician, but please, lighten the hell up! For rock bands, that is an amazing run. But they never gave up.

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