Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Boruto Episode 20 Review

Warning: The following review has spoilers for the episode.

Boruto is finally back in the swing of things, thanks not to its titular hero, but instead the determined Sarada Uchiha. To learn more about her father she sets her eyes on Naruto, but gets much more than she bargained for upon venturing out. The episode wastes little time, packing in as much action and story as it can in 20 minutes, stopping just short of next week’s important encounter.

Sarada is on her way to confront Naruto when she overhears him saying he is on his way to meet with Sasuke. Seeing an opportunity, she tails him, but encounters a strange foe along the way: a boy with Sharingan eyes. Naruto steps in to help, and agrees to help Sarada (and ChoCho) join him to go see Sasuke.

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