Published On: Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

BREAKING: 700,000 eggs from CONTAMINATED Dutch farms on sale in Britain

The number is substantially higher than previously thought, with about 21,000 eggs originally believed to have been impicated in the contamination scare between March and June.

Processed foods using eggs, including sandwich fillings or other chilled foods containing eggs have been affected by the 700,000 eggs from farms in the Netherlands contaminated by Fipronil.

Other European countries have had whole eggs with potential contamination, but in the UK most of the eggs involved were mixed with other eggs which have not come from affected farms.

A statement from the FSA, said: “It is likely that the number of eggs that have come to the UK is closer to 700,000 than the 21,000 we previously believed had been imported.

“However, as this represents 0.007% of the eggs we consume in the UK every year, it remains the case that it is very unlikely that there is any risk to public health from consuming these foods.”

 This is a breaking story.

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