Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

BREAKING: US Powerball lottery reaches £548million and Brits can take part

Feeling lucky? If so, you might want to consider picking a few numbers as UK residents are being given the chance to win the US Powerball jackpot, which made a record-breaking payout of £1.5billion in January 2016. 

Since the last draw took place there have been no winners for the jackpot, meaning tonight’s grand prize stands at a whopping £548million – and it could all be claimed by us Brits.

Rather than purchasing a ticket (an option only available in the States), gaming fans in the UK can bet on the outcome of international lottery results using, which is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

After World Lottery Club launched US Powerball lottery betting, two winners on home soil found themselves hitting the jackpot. 

Last year, a man from Bolton scooped an impressive £800,000 after placing a bet and only last month, Nicholas Burns from Scotland won the tidy sum of £35,450. 

What could you buy with £548million?

We’ve all caught ourselves daydreaming about what we might buy if we raked in the big bucks – but what could you actually afford? You could get: 

• A 13-bedroom Oxfordshire estate with a private golf course and large swimming pool for £35 million

• A multi-storey penthouse in the heart of New York for £57 million 

• You could even take the driver’s seat in a limited-edition Bugatti Veyron for £2.6 million

That’s just £95million in total – so you’d still have more than £453million left in the bank, which would make you £23million a year on interest alone.

Don’t miss out on this must-play jackpot

All sounds pretty good, right? To improve your chances of winning tonight’s £548million prize, World Lottery Club has teamed up with The Daily Express.

When a new player places their first bet, World Lottery Club is offering them the chance to double their luck with a free Powerball bet

To play for the US Powerball and enjoy a free bet today, head to and find out if you’ll be the lucky winner of this week’s super jackpot.

World Lottery Club is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers and has more than 500,000 players. T&Cs apply. 18+. Gamble Responsibly.

US Powerball is drawn in the USA every Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 23:00 EST (Thursday and Sunday 04:00 UK time (GMT +1hr during BST).

This article is sponsored by World Lottery Club.

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