Published On: Sun, Aug 6th, 2017

Christian Bale: Batman star in SHOCK weight gain for new movie looks NOTHING like before

Some Hollywood stars are known for their method acting and dramatic body changes.

One such actor is Bale, who has been buff for Batman, scarily thin for The Machinist and fat for American Hustle.

Now the 43-year-old is going for the latter again, as was recently spotted when he was out and about.

The former Dark Knight is certainly looking bigger and clearly has a double chin on the way – no doubt wanted for his part as Dick Cheney in an upcoming movie.

Bale will play George W Bush’s Vice President in an new biopic directed by Anchorman’s Adam McKay.

The filmmaker recently worked with the British actor on the Oscar-winning The Big Short, in which Bale played Michael Burry – the first person to invest in the on-coming financial crash of 2008.

Earlier this year

The star said: “I’ve had roles where I’ve lost a lot of weight, but for this one got to gain a lot of weight. Gaining is much more fun!”

McConaughey added: “For six months I had a rule that everyone had to say yes to every desire they wanted 24/7. I was a real yes man.

“Pizza night could be any night and if the kids wanted to go bowling at midnight on a school night that was a great idea too.

“Cheeseburger and beer for breakfast was a great idea too. I really relaxed on the rules!

“It was fun and my family kind of misses me being a fat ass. My nickname in the family was Captain Fun. The whole family probably put on a little extra luggage but I was fat and happy!”

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