Companionate love psychology



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Companionate love, on the other hand, is pscyhology kind of commitment more gradually developed from friendship and respect for the other person. Have you ever had somebody who you would rather have the companionate aspects of love with, rather than the passionate?

Social Psychology. Scores on Rubin's scale may also predict the duration of a relationship: Partners with high scores tend to stay together for a longer period of time. Attachment is the need to be in contact with the other person and spend time in their company. When one partner provides the other with their needs, a form of return in not expected.

Companionate love psychology

Companionaet Intimacy involves a willingness to share personal and private information with the other person. Passionate love usually involves strong, sometimes overwhelming emotions and feelings of fascination with the other person. The Shakespearean characters of Romeo and Juliet often come to mind as the prototypical romantic couple who are compelled by their passionate love for each other.

Companionate love psychology

In Psychology I learned that there is two kinds of love; Passionate and Companionate. The nature of the disclosures steadily progresses in a increasing fashion, due to disclosure reciprocity disclosure begets disclosure. Western cultures, however, appear to place more emphasis on passionate love as the basis of marriage and long-term relationships.

Companionate love psychology

It is the kind of love that two people share when they are so deeply committed to each other, romantically, that they show it in every way possible and they are not afraid to express it in the most physical pschology ways. I have.

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Companionate love can be shared by two people who have been married a long time, where it is also paired with passionate love, or by two very good friends. Passionate love is between two lovers. It appears that physical arousal from any source intensifies feelings of passion.

Passionate love is a highly emotional state of intense absorption in another person; it is the "romantic" love so often portrayed in novels and films. Passionate love is mostly expressed in a Companionzte manner while maintaining an exclusive relationship. In laboratory studies, high-scoring couples tend to make more eye contact and gaze at each other for longer periods of time.

It is hot and physical and completely visible. It certainly includes caring and affection for the other person, but without quite the same intensity or feverish degree of emotion.

Caring is the feeling that the other person's happiness is as important as your own. Companionate love involves supporting and understanding a partner, as well as tolerating flaws and idiosyncrasies.

Psychological conceptions of love

In non-Western cultures, love often follows marriage. An important part in the growth of a relationship is the self-disclosure process.

Spent time with them laughing, crying, and everything in between? This concept of love appears in nearly all cultures.

Companionate love psychology

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