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I looked deep into his eyes and said "cum wherever you want storiee. Hookups needed to be within walking distance because I could not drive.

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He stopped before that moment came, and reached for the condom. As we kissed I reached down and started rubbing his bulge, and sstories both got undressed. He grabbed hold of the back of my head and forced me to take every inch of his dick into my mouth down my Craigslish. I got plenty of replies and after going through them all I found one that really caught my eye. Before I could resist he started to slowly press his cock against my tight asshole.

Please daddy I need it in my ass now!

Of course, craigslist!

I have yet to see that guy again. We got dressed and as he was walking me out he reminded me that I was now his little bitch, and that daddy was going to need his son to come by more often. He had me in such a position that I was practically upside down, with my feet straight up in the air. He came up and slid his cock back into my ass, and with this position I could literally watch as my daddy penetrated my hole.

Eventually, I switched to my hands and he cummed all over me. We drove up to the park, and ended up in a basketball court. How weird is it, when you don't even know your first time's name? I did what I was told and started stroking his cock.

I nearly wasted away, trying to find some sort of way other than masturbation for release. I made little pecks into his neck, and slid all the way down his body, kissing the nipples, the treasure trail, before finally pulling down his pants.

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He made the first move, and slipped his tongue in my mouth. I can't take anymore! He came to the sore with a smile and let me in, and then led me to the basement bedroom. I waited for my mom Cragslist fall asleep, before I snuck out of my house and walked all the way to the park, waiting for this guy. Until I sprayed all over the court beneath me.

It pounded further, and further Thanks again!

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He slipped a couple of times, but his firmness was very welcome inside my butt. Once I Craigsllst his entire cock in my mouth and his balls were resting on my chin, he held it there as I gagged constantly and got all watery eyed.

He was much more attractive in person Cralgslist in the pictures he sent me. I sucked his dick in, my second time, and went as fast as I could to give him the same awesome pleasure he gave me.


And he I let out a grateful moan. I fell to my knees, as did he, and he continued to pound me as I made out with him above. We decided to meet in a couple hours at his place.

He then told me to clean his cock off, which I did with pleasure, and then he told me to clean myself off Cfaigslist to not let any go to waste so I scooped it all up with my fingers and swallowed every last drop of cum I could find. After he had about 6 inches in, I begged him "no more!

I responded, and in a few hours, I got a reply. I asked him to stop for a second, this must have annoyed Craigslisst because he then grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into my ass till he was about half way in, I screamed at how fast it had happened and he then slowly gave me a little bit more of his cock. That was about 5 minutes.

Fill me with your cum, I wanna be full of your cum! I looked at it, confused, before I felt the need Cralgslist take it into my mouth, careful that my teeth not brush the sensitive skin. It made me jerk back a bit, but not enough for him to question my virginity.

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He immediately came over to me and kissed me on the lips and then shoved his tongue into my mouth. He then slid his cock into my ass and said to me "now I'm really going Craiyslist fuck you. Gripping my ass cheeks for leverage and slapping them until they were beat red. I moved rapidly, as his legs began to tremble from the movement.

I moaned as my ass struggled to not let his cock in, no sex for a year had made my asshole tight. Then, something I had never experienced before had happened. When I came to the door I was nervous but I knocked anyways. Unfortunately, I was not experienced enough to lube and prepare myself before it, so he was basically going in dry.

I was screaming and moaning as loud as I could, but he just shoved my face into the bed harder and told me to take it like the little bitch I was. After 20 minutes of this steady pumping he told me to go to the corner where there was a chair and told me to get on my knees on it and face it. And I did exactly what he told me to do.

He was fucking me bareback and I could do nothing to stop him, and I liked it. He put Craigslisst wet, warm mouth closer to my skin, down my shaft, and it felt heavenly. Leaving cum dripping from my face.

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It was an amazing time, and I loved it. I went up Craigslost down, making the shaft as wet as I could for the next part. This lasted for about 5 minutes but it seemed like an eternity.

That took about two minutes, before I nearly cummed. Then he grabbed my head and said "I want you to taste yourself on my cock.

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