Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Deadpool 2 news: Josh Brolin speaks out as he reveals what Ryan Reynolds is REALLY like

The popular actor has signed up to play Cable in the upcoming Marvel sequel, while Reynolds remains in the lead role.

“He’s an amazing guy, very smart and really sweet — and really handsome,” Brolin told Entertainment Weekly. 

“He’s a smart guy, he’s the one who saw this and tried to get this movie made for eight years and was unable to. 

“I think has such a perfect sensibility. He’s a great producer on it, there’s a lot to trust there.”

The production was struck by tragedy earlier this month when stuntwoman Joi “SJ” Harris died from injuries sustained while performing a motorcycle stunt for the movie.

“We had that tragedy happen recently, which was awful,” Brolin added. 

“We’re all still reeling from that, but other than that it’s been great. I think both of us are good at creating a set of trust and fun.”

Deadpool was an unlikely success story in 2016; becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of 2016 – and the ninth highest-grossing of that year altogether.

It also bagged two Golden Globe nominations, two Critics’ Choice Award wins, and heaps of critical praise.

The sequel will also star TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams and Brianna Hildebrand among others.

Deadpool 2 is out on June 1, 2018.

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