Published On: Sun, Aug 6th, 2017

‘Death is close’ Widows of ISIS fighters face threat of Mosul revenge attacks

Umm Leith, the widow of an ISIS fighter, has faced almost daily abuse from Iraqi security forces and neighbours, who freed Mosul from the jihadis last month.

Mrs Leith’s husband and three sons joined the evil jihadist group in 2015, but all of the fighters were killed in coalition air strikes in Mosul last year. 

And now Mrs Leith claims she has been subjected to threats from locals in her home town of Hamam al-Alil, close to Mosul. 

One letter to the widow read: “We’ll kill you if we see you out of the house, you are not welcome here.”

Another read: “Death is close.”

In the battle to free Mosul from ISIS, most of the militants were either killed or arrested. 

She told the Telegraph: “We don’t sleep, worried that someone will come in the middle of the night.”

The widow claimed that the families of ISIS fighters are not being given government food handouts.

She said: “We cannot go outside, so every day we just wait here for my nephew to bring us food.

“Everyone hates us, we trust no one. 

“Life was tough under Isil but it was better than now.”

Her neighbour, Omar Abdullah, said: “Yes, it was not her that was doing these things to the people, but she was married to one of them and was the mother of three others.

“When your whole family joins Daesh you are no longer innocent.”

Although Iraq’s prime minister Haider al-Abadi has spoken out about the importance of forgiveness, the central government has remained tight-lipped on the subject of revenge attacks. 

One of the Mosul’s camp’s coordinators said: “They all say their husbands only joined Daesh for a few months and left or died, because it helps their case.

“At least they have some shame, which is more than you can say for their husbands.”

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