Published On: Sun, Jan 7th, 2018

Do Savannah in a Day

From the moment I entered Savannah, I knew it was a place I wanted to stay for a while. One look at the live oaks dripping with Spanish moss and the beautiful architecture, and I was ready to grab a mint julep, kick my feet up and enjoy some relaxed Southern living.

With three young kids in tow, that wasn’t exactly an option, especially because I had limited myself to a day trip.

Lucky for me Savannah is brimming with energy and charm, and we found plenty of ways to entertain the whole family. If you’re planning to swing by Savannah for a day during a road trip or family vacation, here are the highlights to check out:

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Trolley Tours

The hop-on-hop-off trolley tour is a great way to see the city while simultaneously learning about Savannah’s history and culture. The trolley driver acts as a tour guide, dispensing fun facts, jokes and points of interest.

Another major draw was that we could hit all the major attractions we wanted to see.

I loved the freedom to get off the trolley and wander around whenever we felt like it: We simply had to find the next stop on our maps when we were ready to see the next site. The trolley ride was also honestly the highlight of the trip for my kids. They couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterward.

If it’s entertaining to both my two-year-old and me then it’s a win in my book.

Pick your Highlights Ahead of Time

The main thing I wanted to do in Savannah was amble the Spanish moss-lined streets and gaze at the charming houses. The main thing my kids wanted to do was eat ice cream. (We planned our trolley stops accordingly.)

After some research, I found there are neighborhoods full of beautiful houses surrounding Forsyth Park. You’ll see the iconic fountain on the north end of said park, with a sprawling playground nearby for kids of all ages.

It made sense to make this one of our hop-offs.

After letting the kids stretch their legs in the park, we loaded them up in the stroller and walked the historic neighborhoods. Every oak tree-lined street was perfectly picturesque.

To appease my children, we chose another stop near the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream for a sweet treat. Expect it to be busy, as it is a tourist destination, but the old-fashioned charm and decadent ice cream make it worth the wait.

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Check Out the Squares

One of Savannah’s defining features is how it is designed around lush city squares. Originally intended as public gathering spaces, the squares now contain monuments, gardens and benches. They are perfect for relaxing and getting a feel for the city in between touring historic churches, museums and outdoor markets.

Choose a Restaurant

Savannah has plenty to offer in the way of good Southern cooking.

We wanted something that was specific to Savannah, kid-friendly and moderately priced, so we decided on The Pirates’ House. They have a great southern-style buffet, and the entire staff went out of the way to entertain our kids. They even offer tours, as it once served as an inn for seafarers and pirates.

You could also find plenty of restaurant options on River Street or by wandering City Market until you find cuisine that suits your tastes.

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Take a Stroll

In a city so full of history and Instagram-worthy views, it’s practically mandatory to slow down and explore on foot. Savannah is relatively small and easy to navigate, so take to the cobblestone sidewalks and meander.

You never know what hidden gems you’ll find.

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