Published On: Sat, Aug 5th, 2017

Dunkirk: You won’t BELIEVE how Christopher Nolan was originally going to make his WW2 epic

The Second World War movie was hailed by critics for being such a immersive experience, but would it have worked without any dialogue?

This is something Dunkirk director Nolan was originally considering, according The Hollywood Reporter.

The news came from a conversation between Nolan and his brother Jonathan – the creator of Westworld – published alongside the Dunkirk script.

The Dunkirk director said: “I got to a point where I understood the scope and movement and the history of what I wanted the film to address, because it’s very simple geography.”

Nolan suggested the idea to producer wife Emma Thomas and his production designer Nathan Crowley.

He continued: “I said, ‘I don’t want a script. Because I just want to show it,’ it’s almost like I want to just stage it. And film it.”

But Emma was against it: “Emma looked at me like I was a bit crazy and was like, okay, that’s not really gonna work.”

In the end Nolan wrote the script “very, very quickly” after planning Dunkirk’s three different timelines.

He said: “I was pretty thrilled with what he did in The Dark Knight Rises with two eyes and couple of eyebrows and a bit of forehead so I thought let’s see what he can do with no forehead, no real eyebrows, maybe one eye.

“Of course Tom, being Tom, what he does with single eye acting is far beyond what anyone else can do with their whole body, that is just the unique talent of the man, he’s extraordinary.”

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