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Frank: You hopped a little bit.

Chandler: He started mine first! Phoebe: starts to press the button on the garage door opener and Monica and Rachel's TV starts changing channels.

The one crazy moment from friends we all missed

Chandler: What, like a ? Rachel: Oh! Phoebe: No kind. Monica: Oh, how do you play the shadow game?

Frank in friends

Yes, really. No, I had no idea. Now keep binge-watching Friends until the end of time. I give people massages and stuff.

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Isabella: Come on! Joey successfully enters the entertainment center, and Chandler closes the door on Joey. Ross: That would be me. Chandler tries to go to the bathroom Whoa!

Frank in friends

Monica: Why? I mean this is a once in a lifetime opportunity Monica: Ah-ah-ah, now you started this, you will finish it.

Did you ever notice this weird thing about phoebe's brother on friends?

It's kind of an emergency. Whiffler if he can wait for like five minutes. Frank: Well, when I tell my friends about her she will be. Chandler starts to leave Oh, well hello Mr. Phoebe: Build the unit Cinderelly, lay the tile Cinderelly. Chandler: Oh, good job Joe. Frank Jr. Frank: You mean like watch?

Frank in friends

I totally fit! Phoebe: Uh-huh. Chandler: Oh, I think I have the cash.

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Isabella: May I see it? It used to belong to our dad. Why would you think that?

When Phoebe goes to visit her biological father, she ends up finding Frank instead. Ross: Um, no.


Big octopus. Phoebe: All righty. Monica: No, that is what the game is. Are you going in there for?

Frank in friends

Joey: Yeah, I think even God rested on the seventh day. Y'know what are big sisters for? Is that the list?

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Frank: No, she touched mine first! Isabella: to Gunther Um, coffee to go, please.

Frank in friends

Isabella Rosselini enters Ross: to Gunther Thank you. Monica is doing Rachel's make up while Phoebe is getting some things out of her purse.

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Frank: starts laughing Wow! Warner Bros. Frank: Oh, excellent. Phoebe: Maybe all the rulers are wrong.

Ross: Okay, hold my crawler. We got ourselves an entertainment unit raising. Joey: ftiends from bathroom Hey, does somebody wanna hand me one of those tiles. Y'know, ow! He just makes it up. Phoebe: Oh, how do you play the shadow game? But it turns out Phoebe and Frank had crossed paths much earlier than this, though.

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