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Terry the Tomboy — A tomboy named Terry portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson teaches the viewers of her vlog her guide to various stuff.

Girls naked Mc allister Montana

Super Science with Melvin — A self-proclaimed super scientist named Melvin portrayed by Noland Ammon tries to make new inventions which backfires on him. The Love Doctor — Nakef portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson runs an online show under the alias of "The Love Doctor" where she gives love advice to people who write to her. Find sluts that want ti be fucked. Cave Girl's Guide To Beauty — A prehistoric teenage cavewoman portrayed by Lainey Lipson hosts a vlog where she shows people her prehistoric beauty tips as the self-proclaimed "prehistoric beauty guru.

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Pantyhose fetish single females for Osceola. Women masturbating men to have a MFM in vegas. Young celebrities guest co-hosted episodes in the second season. Gnarly Mann — Gnarly Mann portrayed by Noland Ammon is a radical and bodacious surfer -speaking boy who helps people with their romance problems.

Girls naked Mc allister Montana

With the help of her coconut friend Becky, who is also the producer of her show, Gillian shows people different things to do on the island while awaiting to be rescued. Us and Jan — A series of music videos where Audrey portrayed by Audrey Whitby would do some activity and would be annoyed by her friend Jan played by Allisyn Ashley Arm who would try to get involved in the activity with disastrous. The Most Interesting Kid in the World — A parody of The Most Interesting Man in the World where Zay Zay has interesting talents like teaching his teachers, ghosts believing in him, making bullies pee their pants, and not being found during a game of hide and seek.

Hi-Tech History — Professor Hopkins Bittridge portrayed by Kian Lawley narrates about historic events while mentioning what would happen if there was advanced technology in the past. Sexy naked women past out and she didnt know.

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Super Fan Brit Stickley — Brit Stickley portrayed by Tiffany Espensen is a super fan who would infiltrate different places where different celebrities are at and collects different things from them to put in her scrapbook. City: Flowood, MS Tillgo girls fuck whiete guy.

s You're Addicted to Molly would go over different teenage cases where a teenager would sue another teenager for bad things that they did to them. Violet's Vampire Vlog — A vampire named Violet portrayed by Catherine Valdes does a vlog that details what vampires should be naaked when encountering people at night.

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This sketch has a TV film of the same name. Bad Troop Leader — A troop leader portrayed by Taryn Southern does a terrible job when leading her scout allisher.

Girls naked Mc allister Montana

Biggest pussy in Girla for naughty fun swinger couple. She is often accompanied by her offscreen little brother Petey as her cameraman where Brit would often argue with him.

Best Excuses — Teala Dunn portrays different girls who show viewers different excuses for everything. Pet Therapist — A pet therapist portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson goes over therapy sessions with a pet and their owner where the therapist would often speak the mind of the owner's pet.

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Girls naked Mc allister Montana

Plot[ edit ] In the first season, the series was hosted by Qllister Monet as she presented sketches, music videos, and hidden camera antics. Kid History — A young narrator portrayed by Zac Pullman tells people about historic events in kid history like the first pillow fight and the first homework excuse.

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She sometimes drags her friend Duncanty portrayed by Noland Ammon into her different vlogs. Sierra's Guide to Acting Glamorously — Sierra portrayed by Paulina Cerrilla shows people how to act glamorously with the help of her butler Alliser portrayed by Corey Johnson.

Middle age bisexual women around Carlotta Meeker that wants some allidter for man naked. World's Worst Babysitter — Nakedd laid back babysitter named Lia portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson shows viewers what not to do when babysitting as she demonstrates on her client Sammie portrayed by her younger sister Sammie Johnson. Their third member is Chloe portrayed by Arden Rose who Sarah reluctantly invites due to her mom being friends with Chloe's mom.

The Totally Completely Absolutely Unhelpful Verbose Customer Service Girl — Mia Anders portrayed by Audrey Whitby is a talkative customer service Girl who won't stop derailing the conversation whenever someone calls her up for customer service The Worst DIY'er — Cybil portrayed by Audrey Whitby teaches people how to handle do-it-yourself projects which doesn't Girrls well for her.

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