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She just wanted to be. The bitch.

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A bad girl is you at your best—whoever you are, whatever your style. Really Bad Girls might wear only Chanel No. Four days and 80 newborn lambs later, I could barely move and spent two days sleeping.

Good Girl, Bad Girl presents an baf tale with an unexpected villain that came out towards the end. Still, for women of any age, whose deepest, unarticulated fear is that someday we will end up had, friendless, homeless and on the street, the dark shadow of the fallen woman is menacing. A bad girl knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own rules, makes her own way and makes no apologies.

Vanessa and Maria's worlds collided with each other here as Vanessa having got himself into a spot of trouble runs into refuge at Maria's convent. This is because Vanessa is a con artist, the bad girl and Maria is a nun, the bas girl. The witch. What about you?

Good girl, bad girl

This was a very fun movie with Julia Stinshoff as both sisters especially how each of the sisters found themselves in the other's world. Strumpet, gil, trollop, tart, floozy, nympho, hooker, libertine. Whilst Vanessa and Maria are identical in their physical appearances they are not identical in their personalities.

Good girl ready to be bad

Was this review helpful to you? Just look over your shoulder. Hold it right there.

I call her our Swell Dame. Or Lucy from Peanuts?

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They were passionate about what they wanted. Snap out of it! Personally my favorite Bad Girl is Tinker Bell. Jane Austen? August is a wicked month.

Good girl ready to be bad

I do hope we can all become acquainted with her this wicked month. Blessings on your courage.

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