Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

'I want Brexit' Remainer against second referendum has THIS message for Nigel Farage

Radio caller Patrick told the former Ukip leader he was keen for the UK to leave the but only so he could prove him wrong.

Speaking on Mr Farage’s LBC show, Patrick said he knew how Brexit would pan out.

But the former party leader had his own words for the Remainer.

Mr Farage said: “Tell me something. You’re very unhappy with the arguments of Brexiteers, would you like a second referendum?”

Patrick replied that there was one way he would be happy.

He said: “No I wouldn’t like a second referendum. What I want to happen is for everything to go through.

“I’ve got a feeling I know what’s going to happen and when the people who you led into this hole, start hunting you lot down to hang you lot by your heels, that’s when I’ll be happy.”

But it was  who had the last words as he mocked the notion he should not fight for Britain’s independence.

He said: “Patrick, you’re quite right. I think it’s absolutely morally disgusting that people like me should have argued that the United Kingdom should be an independent, self-governing, democratic nation.

“How monstrous of me, how dreadful.”

Meanwhile, the  as London waits for the next German government to be elected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is vying to secure another term as the country goes to the polls at the end of September in a national election.

She will go up against former Eurocrat Martin Schulz – although polls suggest Ms Merkel’s CDU party is likely to win the vote.

The elections have put the brakes on  discussions – as cabinet ministers involved in negotiations have privately indicated that progress to the next phase of talks may now not happen until Christmas.

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