Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

James Bond SHOCK: ‘Daniel Craig U-turned quitting as Tom Hardy was signed up replacement’

Following news last month that 25 will be released in November 2019, rumours and leaks galore have been sprouting up everywhere.

While Craig is likely to return with two movies on the cards – – there’s a new claim he came back after hearing Hardy was signed up to replace him.

Phil Nobile Jr, Editor-At-Large of Birth.Movies.Death. revealed a source to this week’s edition of .

Phil said: “There’s a Bond collector’s area on the web where people chit chat. There was a guy on there who always seems to have an inside track of stuff. He has said some things that have panned out [and] is saying that Craig is definitely returning and he thinks he’s doing two back-to-back.”

Phil continued: “He says there will be less action and more character-driven plots.”

Then came what the Editor says was “just flat out gross gossip”, but is intriguing information nonetheless.

The Bond expert continued: “He said another bloke was signed up if Craig didn’t take the option offered. His initials are TH, but not the one I thought.

“Now this guy was very vocally saying that Hiddleston had an offer, once upon a time.

“So [here] he’s saying a different TH. And he said that he signed up to do it if DC [Daniel Craig] didn’t take them up on their offer.”

Phil added: “It was enough for Craig to decide as he was apparently the last person he wanted to take the role after himself. We have to assume it’s Tom Hardy.

This rumour follows one from early August that claimed

The Bond expect continued: “I asked some of my blogger pals in Los Angeles and they said that lots and lots of actors hate Tom Hardy.

“I don’t know [why]. I suspect some kind of on-set shenanigans. He’s a big personality. They worked together in Layer Cake. I don’t know anything about their history beyond that.”

When asked by James Bonding’s host if Christopher Nolan would have worked with a signed up Hardy, the rumour gets even more interesting.

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