Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

James Bond: You won’t BELIEVE which Doctor Who star was almost cast as 007

Over the last half century there have been six official James Bonds, but countless others actors who missed out on taking up the License to Kill.

Famous examples include Superman star Henry Cavill, because he was too young and

It also turns out that one of the 13 actors to play The Doctor in Doctor Who, was almost cast instead of Pierce Brosnan.

Back in 1994, MGM were planning a post-Cold War reboot for Bond and producers were very impressed with one Paul McGann.

Apparently McGann auditioned and really impressed producers however the studio wanted Brosnan, who had previously been unavailable in the late 1980s when Timothy Dalton was cast instead.

Nevertheless it’s rumoured that McGann would have been offered the role had Brosnan turned down Bond.

A year later in 1995 Brosnan debuted as 007 in Goldeneye, going on to make three more films.

While in 1996 McGann was cast as the Eighth Doctor in the one-off Doctor Who TV movie.

However the proposed revival of the Doctor Who TV series fell through, leaving McGann to somewhat become the George Lazenby of the Doctors.

Nevertheless he’s since had countless Big Finish audio dramas and returned to portray his regeneration scene in a web short for the 50th anniversary of the show.

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