Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

Kate Middleton news: The one sign Kate and Prince William will have a fourth baby

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 35, are currently expecting their third child
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they would be adding to their brood in September
  • Since Kate has been seen proudly showing off her growing baby bump at various public events
  • Will the couple try for a fourth baby after their next child is born?

Wednesday 10 January 2018: 9:13 am

This means Kate Middleton and Prince William will be breaking with tradition somewhat by having a third child. 

Prince Charles has two son, William and Harry. Princess Anne’s children are Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has his daughters Eugenie and Beatrice, while Prince Edwards children are Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

Wednesday 10 January 2018: 8:19 am

If Kate and William chose to have another child they would be following the footsteps her Her Majesty. 

The Queen has four children with her husband Prince Phillip. 

They are Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Each of her four children had two children each, leaving her with eight grandchildren.

Wednesday 10 January 2018: 7:24 am

There is one scientifically tested sign that Kate and William are likely to have another a child – and it all depends on the gender of their third child.

Data from over 6,000 families was used to test the probability of a couple with three children having another.

If the next royal baby is a little boy this puts Kate and William in the category of parents most likely to have another child.

Couples with two boys and one girl are 35 per cent more likely to have another child.

Parents who have had one boy and two girls are only 20 per cent more likely to have another child.

Those with three boys are 29 per cent more likely to have another child while those with three girls are only 26 per more likely to have another.

Kate Middleton’s birthday was yesterday, so how did the Duchess celebrate? 

Her Deputy Communications Secretary HELLO! Online them: “She will be spending the day privately.”

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