Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Kate Middleton vs Queen Letitia – this royal is the MOST stylish, fashion expert claims

Kate Middleton, 35, is the Duchess of Cambridge and is married to Prince William, 34, second in line to the British throne.

She is known for her classic English rose good-looks, and her lady-like style – which is often compared to that of Princess Diana.

Queen Letitia of Spain, 44, on the other hand, is known for more fashion-forward looks, and wearing her favourite fashion colour, a patriotic sizzling red.

She is married to Felipe VI of Spain, 49, and they have two children.

Both are admired for their stylish taste in fashion – and have detailed their looks before.

But, who is the most stylish of the European royals? A fashion expert has spoken out to crown the most fashionable of the two – and Queen Letizia wins by a mile.

Irish milliner Edel Ramberg, who has worked with Philip Treacy and Valentino, and has also made creations for the Royal Family, told Style that Queen Letizia is much for confident in her style.

“I look at the two of them and I don’t think they’re alike at all style wise,” she said. 

“With Queen Letizia, she’s very much established in her style –she’s confident in what she wears and knows what suits her, maybe because of the age difference between them.”

The designer claimed that Queen Letizia is much more explorative with her style.

“She’s a fan of leather skirts and blouses tucked in, the skirt is fitted and shows off her shape and fits her well; you never see Kate in skirts and tops, she’s always in dresses. Letizia mixes it up,” she added.

On the other hand, the designer seemed to think Kate Middleton was rather uninspired in her choice of clothing.

“Kate’s always in dresses and is predictable – she’s absolutely beautiful and there’s never a hair out of place, but you look at her and think she should be more stylish,” she said.

It was revealed recently that Kate Middleton has been banned from signing autographs for this reason.

Queen Letizia dazzled in a floor-length red gown for a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, attended by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge last month.

The Queen of Spain stunned in a figure-hugging embroidered gown, complete with a bold royal tiara on her head. 

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