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Traditionally some were employed in agriculture in the surrounding area which has provided a of seasonal opportunities.

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If you do not leave on time, this makes the Housekeeper's task extremely difficult. Continue uphill for about a mile until the road bends sharply to the right, towards Auchinleck. Soon after a very sharp right hand bend take the first left-hand turn into a single track road shortly before Drumfork Farm. Drive reasonably slowly because this is an unmade road. However, the building must not be used to entertain others beyond thatand the sleeping in it should never exceed thirteen.

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The first floor of the house is not open, so you are welcome to stay in these rooms if you Auchinlcek. After a further eight miles you pass through Mauchline. Once you have turned into the single track road near Drumfork Farm, follow this road for about yards. Public Transport: The nearest railway station is in the town of Auchinleck. Its slightly damaged codex currently contains 44 poems, of which 23 are unique copies or unique versions of stories.

The public has a right to Looklng in the grounds of Auchinleck House.

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Please contact the Housekeeper if you will need the folding cot. Please keep them under control at all times, clear up any mess they make, both inside and out, and especially never allow them on beds or furniture. Continue along this road, passing over a railway bridge on a chicane, and then passing Drumfork Farm on your left. Our buildings were made to the standards of earlier ages, often without the intention that they should be lived in.

Early evening is generally the best time to call. You will arrive at the side courtyard where there is a basement entrance porch. It would be a good idea to bring a torch. In exceptional circumstances urgent messages may be left with the Housekeeper, but please do not ask our staff to do this otherwise, since they may live several miles away.

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The main street is flanked by traditional single storey cottages that climb the gentle slope where an estate of local authority housing lies. Please ensure that any visitors you may invite to visit during your stay at Auchinleck House have directions on how to reach the property. One of these former cottages was the House of the Green Shutters made famous by the novel of that name written by George Douglas Brown, a former son of the village.

Turn left Auchinlec, as you go into the belt of trees probably no post. We ask you to appreciate gew use the building in the same spirit of care, and recommend you read the Information and Advice folder on arrival, to familiarise yourself with the building and its surroundings. The income we receive from your booking pays for the repair and maintenance of the building, thus allowing us to preserve it for the enjoyment of those who follow you. From Easter Auchihleck October, the entire ground floor including the bedrooms and kitchen and the basement will be open to the public on Wednesday afternoons by appointment only.

Take the next right turn onto another minor road probably no postand then see instructions in Lpoking paragraph from Drumfork Farm.

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Continue carefully along the drive without taking any turnings to the right, and continuing over two cattle grids, passing over the stone Dippol Burn Bridge and arriving in front of Auchinleck house. Landmarks do not have postal deliveries, and mail sent to them may Auchknleck reach you.

Looking for a few Auchinleck

I, along with a few scholars, have attempted to analyze the Auchinleck holistically. There is no direct access through the front door of Auchinleck House, so continue around the front of the building, turning right at each drive junction. Though crusade romances make up the bulk of the codex in the amount of folios, the passio, hagiography and hagiographic romances, various prayers, exempla-esque stories, and such shorter religious poems are replete throughout the Auchinleck.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome, if booked with us in advance. We recommend that you follow this route at all Auchinledk when arriving at the building as it is the best way to ensure security and avoiding congestion on the driveway.

However for a of years now employment has been sought in Ayr and Cumnock. In all cases we have sought to make a sensible compromise between due regard for safety and the careful retention of the character of each building, which makes it an interesting place to stay. Parking: Please always use the side courtyard, parking cars facing the wall on your right. To reach the front door, take the second doorway Loking the right, through double doors, and go up the steps to the principle [sic] floor.

To reach Auchinleck House.

Our curator will supervise the public opening and you do not need to be involved. We provide sheets, pillowcases, towels, tea towels, and blankets. We hope Auchnleck enjoy your stay. Please do not park directly in front of Auchinleck House. Main Content. This is suitable for children up to two years old; we provide a mattress but no bedding.

Auchinleck castle

Consequently, you may encounter features that reflect their particular characteristics, but which deserve due care and attention, particularly for the young, elderly, less mobile or visually impaired. There is a gas cooker. Fuel for the open fire is not included, but can be bought locally.

Looking for a few Auchinleck

Even familiar things, for example; polished floors and stairs, hot water temperature, open fires and hot stoves, can Auchineck from home and so surprise the unwary, particularly the very young. As you pass Kilmarnock, turn off left onto the A76 towards Dumfries. Special Notes: As noted in the Handbook, Auchinleck House will be open to the public on certain days throughout the year.

Looking for a few Auchinleck

At the roundabout with the A76, continue on the A70 towards Ochiltree. Please do not arrive before 4pm on the first day of your booking. Those staying in the house can the tour.

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Please be appreciative of neighbours and anyone else you meet, since they may have to coexist with Landmark visitors days a year! There is a service from Glasgow Central Station which takes about an hour. The Housekeeper will have prepared Auchinleck House for you, and we hope and expect that you will leave it as clean and tidy as you can when you leave.

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