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In her case, she says a Korean friend was pushed and yelled at by several people in a grocery store, and then asked to leave, simply because she was Asian and wore a mask. There is no comprehensive data on race and gun purchases in the US, but reports from gun shop owners suggest that many have seen more Asian buyers amid a general rise in sales.

About three million tourists from China Lioking visit the US each year.

Looking to take out a asian girl

But that hasn't stopped Chinese Americans from being blamed - or other East Asians from being targeted. The commission has intervened in 91 cases. In states including New York, California, aa Texas, East Asians have been spat on, punched or kicked - and in one case even stabbed. Mr Zang, who describes himself as socially conservative, believes Chinese Americans should arm themselves "in case of social aian and skyrocketing crime". The view is not shared by everyone.

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Ms Liu went to football games, watched Sex and the City and volunteered at food banks. A study asin co-authored found that respondents - US university participants of various racial backgrounds and ages - were more likely to implicitly think of Kate Winslet, the English actress, as "American", than Lucy Liu, the New York-born star of Chinese heritage.

Stop asking if we're dangerous if we cough while all the people around us are Lookig so. A separate BBC analysis of interviews and US media reports found coverage of more than alleged incidents since January that appeared to target Asians.

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Once they heard my surname, they were like 'don't touch me, can I see someone else - can you just not come close to me'. Many others have been harassed while wearing masks. So hopefully, we'll come together to fight the racism, and ssian empathy with other people who are racially profiled. In ttake weeks that followed, she also noticed that "about one in 10" people she encountered in public appeared angry when they saw her.

Coronavirus: what attacks on asians reveal about american identity

Facing stigma at school, at the workplace. Matt recalls fo negative comments about the African American community as he grew up - including from Asian Americans.

Meanwhile, in China, there has been discrimination of African residents - with reports of people being forced into quarantine, and a McDonald's barring African people from entering. And for many Asian Americans, it can feel as though, in gkrl to being targeted, their identity as Americans is being attacked.

Chinese-canadians also fear stigma

Verbal harassment is by far the most common, but shunning, physical assault, workplace discrimination, being barred from establishments, and vandalism also feature gir, the database - with women more likely to be targeted than men. Both campaigns have denied any xenophobia or targeting Chinese Americans.

Looking to take out a asian girl

Police in at least 13 states, including Texas, Washington, New Jersey, Minnesota and New Mexico, have also responded to reported hate incidents. You are why my family is not able to make money,'" Ms Pfrimmer, who asoan half-Chinese, recalls.

Looking to take out a asian girl

In two separate incidents in New York in March, Asian women were physically attacked for not wearing masks. Asians in the US come from a wide range of ethnicities, countries and backgrounds, and often have different political beliefs and identities. The family was Southeast Asian.

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Vancouver's police department has said that 20 anti-Asian hate crimes have been reported in so far. Many say they have been singled out for multiple Covid tests, or been evicted, following ouut rumours that two Nigerians who had tested positive for the virus escaped. How serious is anti-Asian prejudice in the US? That has changed.

He says in March, a man swore at him, yelling "get out of here, rake caused coronavirus" - but it didn't particularly bother him. City councillors and Chinese community leaders in Toronto urged residents, at a news conference on Wednesday, not to cast blame or discriminate against residents of Asian descent amid fears of the spread of the coronavirus.

Chinese American Donghui Zang, 49, Lkoking started organising neighbourhood patrols in Queens, New York, where the group's more-than members take turns driving around and reporting suspicious activities to the police.

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Max Leung, a co-founder of the San Francisco Peace Collective, says his group conducts patrols in Chinatown to help stop cases of vandalism and theft. In California, an elderly man was attacked with an iron bar, and a teenager was taken to hospital after being taake assaulted. An FBI report obtained by ABC news said that "the suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the Lookinv was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus".

By ro, "now I see a lot of Asian Americans standing up for Ahmaud Arbery", the black jogger shot dead in a Georgia suburb by two white men now charged with murder. The Biden campaign came under fire after an attack ad emphasised that "Trump let in askan, travellers from China into America" after announcing a travel ban - even though many of those would have been American citizens.

Mr Kong says people are still trying to understand what the impact of the new coronavirus outbreak might be.

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