Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

MACRON’S DICTATORSHIP: French president is trying to ‘destroy’ all opposition

Eric Woerth said the centrist president had purposely selected Edouard Philippe to obliterate his opposition.

He said: “Edouard Philippe was not named prime minister by Mr Macron so that he could implement the president’s ambitious reform agenda. 

“The president’s sole objective when he was to destroy the opposition – the French right.”

Speaking to the French weekly newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), the right-wing MP added Mr Philippe, a former member of the centre-right The Republicans party, had little leverage over his cabinet because Mr Macron was making decisions single-handedly and ruling the country with an iron first.

Mr Woerth said: “Everyone wants France to do well and I truly believe that Mr Philippe is well-intentioned. 

“That said, he has very little influence over the government’s policies and actions. He simply takes orders from Mr Macron and puts them into effect.”

The conservative MP added Mr Philippe’s government was yet to plant the seeds for the promised “profound transformation” of France.

He said: “Nothing has been done to implement ’s radical social and economic reforms and there is no clear mandate to pursue them. 

“I’m surprised, because the president gave the impression during his election campaign that he was organised and had a hierarchical and auto-centric vision of the French Republic. 

“But, in truth, Mr Macron was voted into power more than three months ago and nothing has been done yet.”

Mr Woerth further added Mr Macron was attempting to “weaken” the role of parliament, which is largely controlled by members of his start-up party, Republic on the Move (REM).

Mr Woerth said: “No one can deny that the National Assembly has seen a sweeping renewal and is more diverse and dynamic than ever… That said, Republic on the Move MPs are acting like Roman emperors… And the president is clearly trying to weaken parliament.”

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