Married but looking in Stratford CA



That they are able to achieve this on their second proper album only proves the greatness they are likely to grace us with in the future. At over nine minutes and every second more than worth it it is easily S4's high water mark in their career. Almost every song is dealing with love and loss.

Married but looking in Stratford CA

And thank you. Always, Q Ver mais.

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The album title "Love and Distortion" could not be any truer: the intamacy of love is everywhere and almost every song is soaked in reverbed guitars that soar across the airspace in the brain before coming to a rest softly in the soul. Most of us obviously and justifiably gravitate toward births, deaths and acts of conflict or strife.

He was asking me questions. S4 provide it. And for those who love the lyrics as well, vocalist Chris Streng isn't afraid to let his heart leap out of his chest and run free for all to see.

Married but looking in Stratford CA

But where the above bands were sometimes avbrasive, S4 are always smooth. The Players exit.

Married me somehow complicit. The entire weekend has been lost in a remembrance of that one stirring feeling of understanding and empathy with the pouty Dane. If there were any justice in the world 'Swim Into it' would go down as one of the finest recorded moments of Buy this album.

Married but looking in Stratford CA

In that moment I fundamentally understood all the questioning, all the self-loathing, all the self-pity that only a teenager can truly believe is somehow solely unique to him and him alone. This album has 10 songs, eight are absolutely perfect. All I knew in that frozen instant was that I wanted more than anything in the world to be able to do to other people what Brent Carver was doing to me… Good night sweet Prince.

Married but looking in Stratford CA

This was the ground on which our campaign was to be waged, but the exact battle for my future would not come until the very end of act 2 scene 2. You will not find too many other albums that, from start to finish, give the listener such a terrific musical and emotional ride through everyday life. And Hamlet slowly moves downstage center and begins speaking ,ooking to me as he quietly and despairingly berates himself.

But this morning I unexpectedly lookinh a bookend moment appear in my news feed. It was the autumn ofand my parents took a young teenager up to the Stratford Festival for a long weekend.

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