Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Will they be godparents to Zara Phillips’s second child?

Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, might be called upon to be godparents to Harry’s cousin Zara Phillips’s second child when she gives birth, said a royal expert.

“It is entirely possible that the Tindalls will ask Zara’s cousin Prince Harry (or even his bride-to-be) to be a godparent,” said Michael Cole, royal expert and former BBC Court Correspondent.

He remarked upon the the close relationship between Harry and his cousin Zara, also known as Zara Tindall – who was introduced to her husband Mike Tindall through Harry.

“The royal cousins get on well together and appear to enjoy hanging out. 

He added: “Prince Harry is as down to earth as his cousin and her husband who, of course, he admired as a rugby player.”

How many godparents should a child have?

Working in Harry and Meghan’s favour is a royal custom for children to have more godparents than most people.

Michael explains: Members of the Royal Family do not stick to the limit of three that most ordinary people are content with.

“It is customary for royal or royal-ish babies to have half a dozen or more godparents.”

According to Michael, it is also fortuitous that Meghan, 36, is the same age as Zara Phillips.

It is usual, but by no means universal, that parents tend to choose people of around their own age as godparents,” says Michael.

This custom is “in order that they will be around for their child as he or she grows up.”

It was recently revealed that Prince William might not be Harry’s best man

The suggestion came when Prince William said that he hadn’t yet been asked to be the best man yet.

Bookies don’t predict Prince William highest on the list for the best man job.

Instead, they predict Guy Pelly, a close friend to both of the princes who threw Prince William’s stag party, is the number one most likely.

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