Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

New York's Best Sushi May Be at the Airport

Eating sushi at an airport always seems a little risky proposition, at best.

Who knows how fresh the fish is or where it’s from?

A new report from Bloomberg, however, asserts that the sushi now being served at Newark Liberty International Airport may be among the best in the New York City area.

The airport just opened Tsukiji Fishroom, a grab-and-go sushi spot showcasing food direct from Tokyo’s sprawling, world-famous Tsukiji seafood market.

Tsukiji is the world’s oldest and biggest seafood market, according to Bloomberg. It offers about 480 types of seafood and in an average day process about 3.6 million pounds.

Newark’s ode to this iconic market is located in United Airlines’ Terminal C, which is currently undergoing a $120 million upgrade that began in 2015.

OTG Management Inc., United’s concessions partner, is the restaurant group behind the airport’s new sushi spot. They will be getting the fish via a partnership with True World Foods LLC, which supplies more than 10,000 restaurants with fish purchased at Tsukiji.

The partnership represents the first time True World has supplied fish for an American airport restaurant, according to Bloomberg.

“What we’re creating in United’s terminal is sushi in an airport, not airport sushi,” Eric Brinker, OTG’s vice president told Bloomberg.

The fish will be flown in daily on United’s nonstop Tokyo-Newark flight directly from the Tsukiji fish market, the Chicago Business Journal reported.

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In addition to having the country’s freshest airport sushi offerings, the new Tsukiji Fishroom will include state-of-the-art sushi forming-and-wrapping equipment from the Japanese sushi robotics innovator Suzumo.

The grab-and-go-boxes being offered by the new sushi spot will range in sizes and start at around $9.99.

The same sushi will also be available at sit-down restaurants Surf and Caps Beer Garden, located in Terminal C as well.

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