Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Nuclear war: Is THIS where the Queen and royal family will shelter if WW3 breaks out?

Nuclear war – a state of national emergency – is one in a number of worst case scenarios for the UK and the international community in general.

Many Britons live their day-to-day lives without a contingency plan for a nuclear attack.

However, heads of states are likely to have a preordained place of safety in the event of a nuclear attack.

Where might the Queen and the royal family go to hide from the aftermath of a nuclear weapon?

In 2010 a declassified document revealed the Queen’s elaborate plans for escape if a nuclear missile is launched.

It unveiled Her Highness and her loved ones would use the Royal Yacht Britannia to stay safe.

The plan stated the British Royal Family would hide in lochs in Scotland – much like the fabled Loch Ness monster. 

While the Queen was lying low, members of parliament would be sent to a bunker with the code name Turnstile, under Box Hill near Bath.

This was so, in the case of any MP deaths, the Queen would be able to appointment a new Prime Minister – as currently it is still a part of British law that she carry out this task.

However, it is not clear whether the royal family’s plans in the case of a nuclear attack may have changed since the revelation made in the document.

The Queen, Charles, William and Kate may be eyeing up other locations to escape the wrath of countries such as North Korea. 

There is a bunker at Barnton Quarry that the important family might hide in.

Near the Windsor family residence of Holyroodhouse, the bunker was built in 1952.

It was one of the Regional Seats of Government, built to help the UK fight back in the case of nuclear attacks from the Soviet Union.

HMS Warrior in Northwood is another bunker the royals might use to keep themselves safe. recently charted the location of the UK’s public nuclear bunkers. 

So where are the UK’s nuclear bunkers?

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