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Collecting 'controlled medicine' from a pharmacy on behalf of someone else Controlled medicines include morphine, pethidine and methadone.

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Controlled medicines are sometimes misused so they have stricter legal controls on their supply. You can take a prescription to the pharmacy to collect someone else's medicine for them. A paper prescription can be taken to any pharmacy or dispenser. Culshaw, of Queen's Drive, Ramsey had ly been warned by police for having friends in his car.

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Mrs Hughes warned him that, should he be convicted of breaching the emergency laws again, a similar outcome was "unlikely". So, there is no need to hand in a paper prescription, The person who the prescription is for can choose the ul or dispenser where the prescription is sent.

The pharmacist will check the back of the FP10 form to make sure it's ed and the appropriate category is ticked if the person is exempt from paying charges, and you're acting on their behalf and have their permission. You can collect a paper prescription from a GP surgery for a friend or relative if that person has told the surgery they're happy for you to collect it.

Routine checks are carried out.

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They may also confirm with the patient that their medicine is being collected by someone else. You'll usually be asked to confirm the name and address of the person you're collecting the prescription for. Further information.

Information: Help getting medicines during coronavirus If you're at a higher risk from coronavirusyou can get help from an NHS volunteer with things like getting food, medicines and other things you need. If you're collecting a "controlled medicine" for someone else, the pharmacist may ask you for proof of identity.

Under the emergency laws gathering Pock people from different households is still an offence. Back to Caring, carers and long-term conditions Can I pick up a prescription for someone else? Collecting an electronic prescription from a pharmacy on behalf of someone else Most prescriptions are sent electronically direct to a pharmacy from the GP surgery.

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In handing down a fine rather than a custodial sentence, High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said she had given Culshaw "the benefit of the doubt" since warnings had been issued before the laws were eased on Friday. Sam Culshaw pleaded guilty at Douglas Courthouse to being in a car with someone not from his own household.

If they're exempt from paying prescription charges, the correct evidence should be provided. If a patient has to pay prescription charges, the correct amount must be entered in part 2. Yes, you can pick up a prescription on behalf of someone else.

If you have a prescription prepayment certificate PPCyou can only use it for prescriptions that have been issued to you but not if you're collecting a prescription for someone else. The GP surgery is not legally required to check your identity, but some surgeries may ask for proof of identity to prevent the wrong prescription being given out. Collecting a paper prescription from a GP or a pharmacy on behalf of someone else Occasionally a GP surgery will issue a paper prescription.

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The year-old taxi base operator was arrested at a petrol station forecourt in Douglas on 25 April. You can collect the medicine on their behalf if the person has told the pharmacy that they are happy for you to do so. A Pivk charge may be issued if a false exemption claim is made, and the person making the false claim could be prosecuted. The prescription can be either electronic or a paper prescription.


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The court heard he had driven from his home to pick up his girlfriend in Mh and that they had planned to take his dog for a walk at the Clypse reservoir in Onchan. Culshaw claimed he had "misunderstood" the relaxation of the island's lockdown measures, which lifted some travel restrictions and limits on the amount of time you can exercise. The patient must complete part 1 of the prescription form FP10 and the person collecting the medicine must complete parts 2 and 3.

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