Published On: Mon, Aug 21st, 2017

REVEALED: 75% of Britons deem THIS as cheating if you are in a relationship

A survey of 2,000 participants revealed what people class as cheating and what they would accept when in a relationship.

Just more than half of Brits would divorce their partner if they had an affair according to the research, but, 20 per cent say they’ve cheated themselves and kept it a secret. 

When it comes to what is acceptable or unacceptable when in a relationship, 75 per cent say flirting with another person at work is unacceptable and even 11 per cent said they would have a divorce or breakup if they caught their partner doing so. 

A further 39 per cent class having a secret social media account as cheating, and 84 per cent say it’s unacceptable for their partner to go to a strip club, with 15 per cent saying they would go through a divorce or break-up if they found their partner had visited such an establishment. 

Texting an ex was classed as cheating by 48 per cent of survey participants, and 54 per cent said having a Tinder account while in a relationship is cheating too. 

But interestingly, in some countries, extra-marital affairs are accepted, and those in Czech Republic were found to accept it the most.

The global views on morality study, published by Pew Research Center, which looked at 40 countries worldwide revealed that 12 per cent of those countries say affairs are morally acceptable.

Just 17 per cent of those in Czech Republic say they deem affairs acceptable and 14 per cent of those in India and 12 per cent of those in Japan also accept extra-marital affairs too.

Some countries simply say they do not see it as a moral issue, with 40 per cent of France agreeing to this. They were then followed by Spain (27 per cent), Germany (26 per cent) and even Britain (15 per cent).

The survey of 2,000 Brits reveals that 56 per cent do believe we are engineered for monogamy, and that we should only be intimate with one person and no-one else, 19 per cent of Brits say they have cheated, with one in 10 admitting they do not trust their other half. The average number of sexual partners in the UK was 7. When comparing infidelity data to divorce rates, there seems to be a slight correlation.

The research was conducted by Divorce lawyers and family law specialists, First4lawyers, who looked into infidelity around the world, what people class as cheating and which countries accept affairs the most. 

Andrew Cullwick, spokesperson at the firm said: “The data has revealed some interesting statistics about married life around the globe. It’s rare to find a couple who doesn’t run into hurdles in their relationship at one point or another. 

“However, our advice is to talk, be open and listen to each other to try and work through these issues.”

According to website Illicit Encounters, which provides a space for unfaithful partners to find affairs, Britons are only waiting three years before they start sleeping with someone other than their partner. 

They claim the “seven-year itch” is a thing of the past – and modern cheaters move on much quicker.

And it is women who can’t wait the longest to begin affairs, according to the site.

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