Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Rick Buckler: My six best albums – The Jam, Jimi Hendrix and Dr Feelgood

He is an ambassador for Bombardier Ale’s “A Pint With A Unique Character” campaign.

THE JAM: In The City (Polydor)

It’s 40 years since The Jam’s first album and I still like it.

It brings back great memories of those days.

We drew material from our live set, which we’d been doing for some time, and recorded it in something like 11 days.

It’s an honest, raw representation of the band at that time.

DR FEELGOOD: Down By The Jetty (Grand)

When we first moved into playing in London, they were part of the pub rock scene.

They had an influence on us: the guitar style, the energy, bringing rock ’n’ roll into the present day.

There was no mucking about, no frills, just gritty rock ’n’ roll.

IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADSNew Boots And Panties (Code 90/Demon)

A groundbreaking album, doing something completely different with the music and lyrics.

Even today, people cite Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll as a seminal song.

Today the music would probably be regarded as too off the wall but I liked the quirkiness of it.

EARTH, WIND AND FIRE: Raise! (Funky Town Grooves)

A bit of a departure. For ages people said I should listen to them and I went: “Not really my thing.”

Then I went out and bought this. It’s nice to go out of your comfort zone and explore.

It is beautifully recorded and the more I listened, the more I got into it.

JIMI HENDRIX: Are You Experienced (Sony)

My older brother got me into this.

I didn’t like it at all the first time around but I revisited it and was surprised to find I loved it.

It was a benchmark for guitarists, a style not heard before, and it was all coming from one guy.

THE BEACH BOYS: Pet Sounds (Capitol)

Another groundbreaking album in production terms.

It’s before my period really but I have vague memories of my brother playing it.

I wouldn’t say I was a Beach Boys fan sitting with my feet in buckets of sand but I appreciate the recording aspect.

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