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The workshop can be seen as a user orientated exploration of the subjective mind scape of the elderly citizens, a bottom-up approach to understanding town life. What if urbah personal stories were collected and where put on s or audio stations all over town? After a life of working, and without experience of using modern communication tools, motivated elders can get isolated.

The informal soft side of town would be tangible and laid open inviting identification and ownership. The amazing light of stars and aurora borealis Nordic lights are affected by public lighting, therefore it made sense to make light fixtures that are fully lit only when needed, say the deers. The elder population is beginning to be bigger than the present working generation.

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Participation is taking part in the construction of reality. A photographer from Transplant is registering every step with her camera. Sensing Dale The mission is to increase knowledge transfers between generations. Elder citizens do not always have these aides nor the skills to use them, due to this they are often ignored during a creative process.

Would it create a more human town?

Longer participation

Dale citizens A space is not a thing rather a set of relations between things Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space In this workshop we want to explore which climatic qualities are being experienced in Dale and we want to create personal visualisations of specific climatic qualities by single use cameras. The Situationists explored the potentials not visible in the material structures of the city by studying the emotional and behavioural effects of the geographical layout.

Not a space with a fixed or predetermined set of uses but a kind of resource out of which innumerable private possibilities might be drawn. The workshop was inspired by the psycho geographic method, developed by the organisation the Situationist International, emerging from a fusion of several artistic groups.

The aim is to raise reflections and further social exchange. As an example it is interesting to reflect upon whether a group of women would experience the same qualities as the men did, that is - whether a gender difference exist in perceiving and evaluating climatic qualities. If we want to get to know a town and its potential, we have to dig into the social texture of this particular town.

The Shrooms urban is also inspired by the book Soft Shrooms urban by Jonathan Raban. This information is put on the blog as well as samples of the individual visualisations of specific qualities. Valuable knowledge is lost, where as it could be useful for the society.

Shrooms urban

This means that anyone is able to influence the society, assuming that they have the technical aides and the competence to use these tools to materialise their ideas. As an urban proposition, Shrooms seeks urbxn establish a new pattern of movement through the neighborhood, a greenway which operates not as a replacement for the street grid but as a supplement to it.

The places and stories are urabn on a blog for others to comment.

Together with the participating elders, our studio linked the knowledge with contemporary de and material aspects. Context The Irregular Notes is a newsletter sharing the Ralston Bau studio Shroosm and interventions.

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This is important: we too much think of public and private as an absolute division rather than as a mutually reinforcing gradient. The workshop underlines the importance of subjective registrations, and how these can be carried out and later used in different ways.

Shrooms urban

To tackle societal challenges, some wise invited experts met and defined annual themes to be followed. From this perspective the city or town can be seen as a stage, a unique and private reality constructed by personal trajectories and narratives. For two days a group of Dale citizens were invited to reconstruct or co-construct their individual townscapes.

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This is both energy-saving and avoiding unnecessary light pollution. By visualising and physically mapping meanings, memories and sensory experiences we got an insight into the plastic nature of Dale exposing the potential for developing living spaces that matter - closely related to the participants Shooms people living in this place. By ignoring them, we create a deeper generational gaps and lose opportunities to develop better systems Shrooms urban profit from of their knowledge and life experiences.

Looking at the empty lots not as blight but as a community resource, we hoped that a growing garland of Shrooms might have a ripple effect in greening the neighborhood. From a certain age, humans can be left outside the community as well as from an economic standpoint.

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In addition, we thought of the loft-type as a crucial proto-public space. Resulting out of the knowledge transfer, prototypes have been realised and tuned with experts with urban lighting, sustainable and ecological friendly materials such as linen bio-polymer. Being active from tothe organisation stated that it was the people using the city that created the city. Shroom Shroom is an outdoor light fixture and furniture series with an unique detection system that reacts to movement and ambient light.

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Longer participation The population is aging and have longer active lives through improved health. Relational aesthetics is an art form where the social or relational exchange is the primary centre of attention. What if the subjective side of climatic qualities were taken into while deing and planning the infrastructure Syrooms the town? All connected in a natural way to create Shroom, a collection of lighting devices, that reacts to its surroundings and offers the most empathic light possible, where and when needed.

Our psychological perception is influenced by subjective factors like memory, experience, preference etc.

Shrooms urban

The result of the day is a greater awareness of all the personal stories connected to every corner of Dale, making visible that a place can have many different meanings attached to it. Layers of meaning urbaan become visible ; a physical expression of the invisible social relations Dale is made of. Flowing through the middle of the large blocks, it occupies the spaces of abandonment as they are found.

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Rejecting the modernist notion via Marx of public space as disembodied and universal, Shrooms is an investigation of the reciprocities of public and private rather than an essay in their disjunction. The shift between individual, pair and group tasks, between thinking, sharing, discussing, agreeing, walking and sensing was all supporting active participation, strengthening the social texture of the town.

The workshop presented an alternative understanding of the experienced qualities of Dale. Here, Raban states that our individual town is constructed by personal experiences and memories — that is, my town is different from yours!

Shrooms urban

Urhan is a qualitative perspective which can be developed further by including more people and more places. There is not only one version of Dale but hundreds of versions! Made from linen fibres, a natural fibre bio-composite material, the light fixture series include a Giant street light, a Just bollard, a Big and Little seats, the result is a small forest of magic Shrooms.

Outside lighting and furniture collection Linen, steel, paint, LED, composites This case is the result of a passionating process that started in Dale i Sunnfjord in Norway. We wanted to create a lighting adapted to the life and needs in Nordic cities, close to nature and with long dark nights during the winter. The ed stickers being attached to the place is communicating to other by-passers that this is a special place, a place of importance.

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