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Songs to win her back

In Sojgs early morning, the car drives them into the seaside town Brighton and parks up outside a run-down apartment block called Embassy Court on the Kings Road where ein is revealed that — contrary to what the scenario and the song lyrics have so far led us to believe - Spiteri's character is not a passenger in Rickman's Bentley, it is, in fact, the other way around — for as Rickman hauls a shabby backpack out of the boot and enters the building, Spiteri is driven away by her chauffeur.

I think it's important to make something out of it.

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When asked about the authenticity of the texts, Thicke remained ambiguous, saying: "I think you should keep a little mystery As an artist, I have to make art. As an entertainer, I want to entertain. The final text of the video, "this is just the beginning" extraneous to the main series of textshints to the viewers that there is more content to follow, and more story to be told, as this is the lead single and video from the album.

Songs to win her back

Thicke is shown immersing his head in water while he shakes and yells soundlessly. A bouquet of roses and a pair of heels are plunged into water in separate shots.

A woman is seen through ripples of water, moving her hand across the water's surface and subsequently is seen submerged in the water, thrashing and ostensibly drowning. When the car pulls in for petrol, Rickman pulls off Spiteri's parka jacket to reveal an evening dress underneath and they dance a tango together bac, the station forecourt.

Songs to win her back

In it, Spiteri is seen wrapped up in a parka jacket being driven through the night in the back of a chauffeured Sogs Azure. The utilization of water reoccurs throughout the video.

The single was bak by a music video, which starred Alan Rickman alongside Spiteri. The Petrol forecourt scene was filmed at the Shell petrol station in BordonHampshire. Days before the awards ceremony, TMZ obtained a copy of the lyrics that seemingly addressed his separation and his desire to get back with Patton. A suited Rickman strokes and comforts her while helicopters and motorbikes photograph them.

The video simultaneously shows a series of text messages seemingly between Thicke and his estranged wife Paula, some of which include You drink too much, I wrote a whole album about you, I hate myself, You embarrassed me, and You're reckless. And as a human being, this is all I want to talk bavk.

Songs to win her back

In a series of shots that appear intermittently and momentarily, Thicke can be seen crying, holding his hands on his head while screaming and shaking in apparent frustration, being caressed by wn hands of a woman, and making what seems to be a gun with his finger and pointing it against his head. Interspersed throughout the video are masked and adorned women who fade in and out and flash across the screen.

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