Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Star Wars 8: NEW images of Luke Skywalker and Rey – Is Luke going to the Dark Side?

The magazine will be released on friday and offers two different Star Wars covers for fans to choose from.

The fact that Luke and Rey have been selected only highlights even more how The Last Jedi will have the two warriors at its core but is one of them moving away from the Light Side of the Force?

The first cover shows Rey looking very determined. 

The young heroine is shown in a classic warrior’s pose with the light blue Skywalker lightsaber ignited.

The second cover will further fuel speculation that Luke’s journey will be darker than ever in Episode 8.

Luke is shown in very dark, almost black robes with his hood up. This reinforces his estrangement from the Jedi and their typically brown and cream robes.

This new dark and rather menacing outfit has more than a hint of the all-black Sith robes to it.

The Entertainment Weekly article will also include other images of key characters and seems to reveal a new plot line for Finn.

Previous images and clips of Finn have shown him in the bactatank recovering from his injuries at the end of The Force Awakens.

He has also been shown wearing a First Order uniform along side Kelley Marie Tran, who will play new character Rose. The pair are expected to infiltrate a First Order ship and there are also reports they will be involved in scenes set on Canto Bight, featuring Benicio del Toro’s mysterious DJ.

The new image from Entertainment Weekly shows Finn in a Resistance ski speeder with clouds of red dust.

This can only mean one thing.

The recent behind the scenes footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con revealed a shot of Finn and Rey in between takes dancing on what looked like Crait. The planet is rumoured to be covered in salt, with a red clay surface underneath.

The same footage also showed Poe Dameron in a speeder.

The new image of Finn in the speeder shows that he will be involved in the climactc battle on Crait alongside his old friend. 


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