Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Star Wars 8 trailer leak: SIX new scenes revealed including Snoke's Praetorians in battle

Star Wars fans are desperate for the new trailer to arrive.

Many are hoping to see it later this month, but. following previous patterns, we may have to wait until October.

After the excitement of the recent Entertainment Weekly Last Jedi special, new reports of scenes from the trailer are starting to paint a clearer picture of what fans can expect to see.

Sadly, there is still no Snoke, but his guards are shown in devastating action while Luke and Rey face a new danger and Poe Dameron does what he does best.


Star wars Youtube channel Mike Zeroh has incredible new scene descriptions as he details six new shots from the upcoming trailer.

1. ”A wide shot of Finn in a ski speeder over the surface of Crait approaching an AT-M6 and firing.”

The daredevil hero is now looking extremely likely to be that pilot in the speeder fans saw bounce dramatically on the salt-dusted red clay surface of the planet in the teaser trailer. 

2. “Canto Bight police speedier chasing through tight alleyways. My guess is that the wings fold up.”

These speeders have already been revealed in Entertainment Weekly and are expected to be pursuing Finn and Rose as they try to complete their mission to make contact with Benicio del Toro’s mysterious Man on Black, aka DJ, on the casino planet.  

3. “Rey staring into a clochan with a dark entrance as Luke walks out slowly with some voiceover work from Mark Hamill.”

The clochans are the flintstone domed buildings on Ahch-To that look rather like beehives and were glimpsed as Rey climbed up to meet Luke at the end of The Force Awakens. Will Luke be bringing a message for Rey, or does he still have his own mysterious agenda?  

4. “A glimpse of the Caretakers walking down the stone steps of Ahch-To in single file.”

The native creatures are described as amphibious aliens who resemble nuns and live alongside the utterly adorable native birds, the porgs.

5. “Action shots of the Praetorian Guards as they attack someone off screen. They will all have their own type of weapon, some of which will shoot a lightsaberesque beam.”

After Palpatine’s rather decorative Imperial Guard, fans will be thrilled to see a much more dynamic and dangerous role for Snoke’s red-clad elite personal guard.

These guards have been shown in the Entertainment Weekly feature and each one has unique armour and weapons. There are expected to be six of them, with two directly flanking Snoke when he is seated in state in his throne room. 

6. “Luke and Rey looking up to the sky indicating that danger is coming… This is Luke and Rey seeing the First Order invasion of Ahch-To commencing.”

Fans have already seen footage of Rey running along with attacks coming from above. When the atack starst, Chewbacca is expected to board the Millennium Falcon and take it out into battle with the enemy TIE fighters, as was shown in the teaser trailer. 


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